Worbital Review: Worms In Space!

Worbital is an indie game about planetary artillery warfare. Imagine the game Worms, but instead of cute pink and sarcastic fishing bait. You control a weaponized planet spiraling around a solar system. You battle other weaponized planets death star style. It’s as fun as it sounds. So get ready to dawn the cap of Grand Moff Tarkin, because that’s no moon. (Or it might be, you can weaponize those too.)

Kingdom Two Crowns Review: Get That Money

Kingdom Two Crowns is a life lesson in artistic form. What lesson does it teach? A couple of them in fact. Firstly, that mistakes can never ever be undone ever, seriously ever. Secondly, it doesn’t matter where you come from, what you have done or who you are. As long as you have boatloads of money!