Kofi Quest: Alpha Mod Review

Kofi Quest: Alpha mod is a comedic game following the adventures of Kofi. Kofi is a low-level lazy video game character who shares a house with his equally pathetic friend, Slime. The inhabitants of Kofi Quest know they are in a video game and it features a lot of tongue in cheek humor that riffs on that theme.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition Review

Bad North is a minimalistic and simple strategy game with fun and satisfying game mechanics. You control little squads of armed warriors on the run from an ever-approaching Viking tide. Your troops bounce from island to island on an overworld map and fight off hordes of Vikings to safeguard the houses on them.

Warparty Review: Everybody Walk The Dinosaur

Traditional base-building real-time strategy games have been somewhat of a rarity the last several years. Warparty takes us back to the glory days of the genre but also plays it very safe. However, the game features dinosaurs, and I am probably the biggest sucker for those.

Driftland: The Magic Revival – Early Access Look

Driftland is a pretty unique take on the real-time strategy genre. It’s in early access and is currently lacking a campaign and multiplayer, both are coming soon and the Star Drifters do update the game pretty frequently, but the game doesn’t really feel incomplete either.