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Roguebook Review

Roguebook Review

It’s difficult not to become excited over anything that involves cards and the name Richard Garfield. The creator of Magic the Gathering having a hand in Roguebook definitely sets some lofty expectations, especially given how many great games already exist within the genre.

Green Hell Review

Green Hell Review – The Second Worst Amazon

I used to think I could be on one of those reality show contests where you need to survive in the wilderness and are rewarded a bunch of money at the end. After playing Green Hell, I’ve changed my mind. I will continue being a hermit in my nice safe house, thanks.

Trash Sailors Review

Trash Sailors Review: Moist and Sticky

It may not seem like it at first glance. But Trash Sailors is very much a party game in the same vein as Overcooked and similar titles. You might be sailing a raft, fighting off pirates and hungry alligators, but crisis management is the name of the game. The crisis is everything, and you’re the management!