Crown Trick Review: A Crown Treat

Crown Trick is a roguelike with a quirky turn-based system. Time only flows when you move. Every step or action you take counts as a turn, after which the enemies and traps take a turn. This allows you to exert an impressive amount of control over the flow of the game. It’s as fast or slow as you wish it to be.

The Survivalists Review: Ape Escapist

The Survivalists is an adventure survival game set in the same universe as the Escapist games. After becoming stranded on a set of mysterious isles, you must build, craft, and survive while looking for a means of escape.

Against The Moon Review: One Small Step

You fight the Furos in turn-based combat, building your deck of minions and spells as you progress through a map full of battles and events. If you have ever played something like Slay the Spire, you will understand the formula.

Going Under Review: Internship Gone Rogue

Going Under is an action rogue-lite where you play as a Jacqueline, a newly hired unpaid intern to Fizzle, a subsidiary of Cubicle. You are then tasked with clearing dungeons underneath of Fizzle that are the leftover remains of other start up companies

Avengers Review: Earth’s Mightiest Hero Game

Avengers is an action-adventure superhero RPG that you can play solo or in online co-op with up to three friends. You step into the shoes of six Avengers in a story-based campaign and a bunch of missions under the Avengers initiative.