Ark Genesis Part 2 Review: A Bitter Finale

This is the kind of review I hate writing the most. I’d rather praise games than crap on them, especially ones that are as dear to me as Ark is. I have more hours into Ark as a whole than any other game. It’s not even close. Heck, I’ve moved on from Genesis 2, but I’m still playing on another map right now.

Wildermyth Review: A Legendary Fable

Storytelling is an aspect of games that falls a little low on the list of things that matter to me. While I can enjoy a good story, I’d prefer it in a good book or movie. I like games, to be games first and foremost. Yet, there is one type of storytelling that I can’t resist, the kind that isn’t written yet.

Breach Wanderers Early Access Review

Breach Wanderers allows you to edit your starting deck with the cards you have obtained as well as the pool of cards that can show up for you to choose during a run. This gives Breach Wanderers a pretty unique feel right out of the gate, despite the obvious influence of Slay the Spire.