Driven Out Review: A Lesson In Patience

Driven Out is a simple game. You traverse the 2D world in a side-scrolling fashion and kill things with your sword. You can perform a high, low and middle block as well as a high, low and middle attack. Time your block just right and you perform a parry. However, the game’s concept is one of brutal difficulty and pattern recognition.

Eden Rising Supremacy Review: Free To Try

Eden Rising is a neat hybrid of genres. It features online co-op, in addition to single player, and this is where the game shines the brightest. However, this is one of few times I’m going to come out of the gate telling you not to take my word for it. Eden Rising features a free to play version and in it, you can play through and explore three of the areas of the game. If you play on a server whose host owns the full version, you can access those features. You should really go check it out for yourself! This review will be a little shorter than normal for that reason.

Mushroom Crusher Extreme Review: Retro Rampage.

Mushroom Crusher’s visual style really caught my eye with its launch trailer. I picked it up on impulse for myself, but I make it a point to try and review every game I play so here we are. Mushroom Crusher Extreme is a neat old school arcade game to the letter. You progress by getting high scores. It’s not enough to simply complete the levels, in Mushroom Crusher, it is all about mastering them.

Aeon Of Sands Review: Retro Dungeon Crawling

I’ve never played a game like Aeon Of Sand. I’m am aware of the existence of the genre but never personally tried one. It’s best described as a choose your own adventure storybook, except you get to do some dungeon crawling as well. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into Aeon Of Sand, and I struggled at first, not with the game, but with my inexperience at playing this type of game. Once I found my sea…uh….sand legs. I could appreciate the appeal, however.

Bow To Blood: Last Captain Standing Review.

Bow to Blood is what you would get if the TV show survivor and a spaceship game had a baby. Then that baby grew up to captain a pirate ship, who then volunteered as tribute in the hunger games. Strange? Perhaps. Fun? Hell yes.

The Division 2 Full Review: The Definitive Looter Shooter.

As I noted in my review in progress, I was very impressed with The Divisions 2’s gameplay, and not so much by its story. My biggest concern was whether or not the game would remain interesting due to the limited creativity of its setting. After reaching and playing some of the end game, I’m happy to report that it does.