Ratropolis Review: Inspired Rodent-like Slays

Ratropolis is very clearly inspired by big daddy Slay the Spire, so much so that it even has a few adorable references to it inside the game. Ratropolis is no copycat though. It fuses its deckbuilding rogue-lite nature with real-time strategy and kingdom building. A combination that makes it a one of a kind game, as far as I know.

Gideon’s Gaming’s Game of the Year list, 2020

I usually start these game of the year lists with a sarcastic blurb about how everybody makes them. But you know what? This year sucked. I can’t think of a better time to celebrate the actual good things we’ve experienced.

Roundguard Review: Bouncing Heroics

Roundguard is a rogue-lite puzzle game inspired by Peggle and pinball mechanics. You choose between 3 different heroes and fire them from a ballista to bop the baddies and win gold. The dungeon encounters are randomized and each character has skills they can utilize, and gear they can equip.

Spirit Island Board Game Review

Spirit Island is a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players. You play as one of 8 unique and powerful spirits inhabiting an island that’s facing colonization by hostile Invaders.