Yes, Video Games Need To Be Fun

I’m 31, I’ve been gaming since I was a wee-lad. In that time I’ve witnessed all kinds of debates about gaming as a whole. This is one of the strangest. I never thought I’d need to write an article where I say that Video Games need to be fun. That’s kind of assumed? Cars need to drive, Boats need to float. Entertainment products need to entertain.

Worbitals Console Release: Why You Should Play it.

Worbitals console version is nearly identical to the PC version. My review of the PC version is completely relevant to the console version and I recommend you check it out if you haven’t already. The biggest difference is the control scheme. Thankfully Worbital works great on controllers. I had no trouble adapting to it, despite having put in hours upon hours of Worbital with a keyboard and mouse.

Gaming Gideon’s Mish Mash, News, Reddit, Tabletop and Review backlash.

I’m running a little late on my reviews, nothing is wrong, it just happens sometimes, but there is generally always some mish-mash of subjects I can write about to stay on track and hopefully inform or entertain you fine folks, so here we are. Today I have a variety of topics ranging from tabletop games, a couple of important news bits and controversy regarding my State Of Decay 2 Review.

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