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Gideon’s Gaming’s Game of the Year list, 2020

I usually start these game of the year lists with a sarcastic blurb about how everybody makes them. But you know what? This year sucked. I can’t think of a better time to celebrate the actual good things we’ve experienced.

The Avengers Beta is actually good?

Maybe I’m a bit biased. I am a big Marvel nerd after all, and I have wanted an Avengers game for the last decade and a half. At the same time, I’m a critic which makes me skeptical by nature. When Avengers was first unveiled, I wasn’t sold. The war tables made me hopeful, however, but that hope was dimmed any time I read anything Avengers related online.

The True Impact of Challenge in Games

When we think of difficulty settings. We think of it as a preference and while that’s true, it can miss the bigger picture in a lot of games. Most people believe that “Normal” is the intended experience by the developers because it’s usually the default setting. That’s actually not always true unless the difficulty setting actually states it (some do).

Video Game Reviews, what are they good for?

This is really a strange topic to write about, mostly because it feels silly that it needs to be written about at all. How a consumer should use a review isn’t complicated. Yet there is some new controversy surrounding reviews every time a big new game releases.