Marvel Champions: Fixing The Imbalance

I’ve reviewed every Marvel Champions Product, so I think it’s pretty obvious that I love the game. That doesn’t mean that I think it’s perfect, however, and the more the game evolves, the more balance flaws start to show, and it’s to the point that some of them can no longer be ignored.

10 Games You Might Have Missed In April 2021

Life is full of things that only come once a month and most of them aren’t very fun, utility bills, subscription fees, periods, me… However, the end of the month does bring at least one nice thing, a list of really cool games you probably haven’t heard of.

Five Great PC Games Under $6

There’s no denying that the pandemic has hit some people harder than others. Being a gamer down on their luck isn’t a great feeling, I’ve been there. I still vividly remember the time someone online gifted me a three-day trial of Xbox live so I could play the Left 4 Dead demo back on the Xbox 360. It feels bad.

10 Games You Might Have Missed In March 2021

It’s March Madness, and I think that’s something to do with some kind of Sports ball. But that sounds sweaty and physical, so let’s make it about the far superior form of entertainment, video games instead.