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I’m a writer, game journalist and I work on a fantasy novel in my spare time.

Do my interests align with yours? when it comes to reading reviews of anything, it’s important to find a reviewer who shares a similar opinion of theme when it comes to the media in question.

My favorite genres tend to be open world, strategy, simulation, survival, competitive and cooperative multiplayer games, but I enjoy many others. I do not enjoy and by that same notion do not normally review sports, racing, puzzle, or pure horror games. Though I do enjoy games with horror elements. I am not a fan of the battle royale genre but I am interested in games that take a unique spin on it.

I enjoy games that pose a challenge and I value when games give me a choice of difficulty settings. If I find a game that is not challenging and doesn’t have any options for me to change that, I get bored quickly.

My review scores may not always line up with what’s expected, in the past, I have enjoyed many games that received lower overall scores from other review outlets and on the flip side have found many critically acclaimed games to fall short.

I play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and do not favor any one platform over another.
I tend to take my time in games and soak in most of what they have to offer, this means that I tend to have a good overall knowledge of the game I am reviewing, but it means my reviews may release slower than other outlets, and some games may slip on to the back burner.

If you share some of my views I highly recommend you follow me. I do my best to give a good picture of what the game is and what I like and dislike about them and any technical flaws.

There is a possibility that I could find work writing for another publication. But I would really like to remain independent and work as a community funded games journalist. If you enjoy my writing or find my reviews helpful, and would like to show your support. I usually leave a donate button at the bottom of my articles. Though if you consider becoming a Patron, subscribers get access to patron only stories of my tabletop RPG sessions.