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My name is Joseph Pugh, I’m a writer, game critic, tabletop nerd and I work on a fantasy novel in my spare time. I was born in 1988 and I grew up with video games. In a lot of ways they molded me into the person I am today. I despise outrage and clickbait culture and actively fight against it. Video Games are an outlet for entertainment, joy, and escapism. Toxicity has no place in it.

Do my interests align with yours? when it comes to reading reviews of anything, it’s important to find a reviewer who shares a similar opinion of theme when it comes to the media in question. You can check out how I score games here.

My favorite genres tend to be open world, strategy, simulation, survival, competitive and cooperative multiplayer games, but I enjoy many others. I do not enjoy and by that same notion do not normally review sports, racing, puzzle, or pure horror games. Though I do enjoy games with horror elements. I am not a fan of the battle royale genre but I am interested in games that take a unique spin on it.

I enjoy games that pose a challenge and I value when games give me a choice of difficulty settings. If I find a game that is not challenging, and it doesn’t have many options for me to change that, I get bored quickly.

My review scores may not always line up with what’s expected, in the past, I have enjoyed many games that received lower overall scores from other review outlets, and on the flip side have found many critically acclaimed games to fall short. The opinions of my fellow game critics do not influence me. At times, that fact can get me some angry backlash, but that’s okay.

I play games on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and do not favor any one platform over another. I review upcoming games, new releases old titles, indie, and triple-A

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