Covid Infects Gideon’s Gaming – An Update

I try to publish at least one, preferably two articles or reviews a week, but I’ve published nothing so far this week? What Gives? It turns out Covid has no respect for my content schedule. Rude.

My partner contracted it and has been sick for around five days. Our living space isn’t big, and we thought it was her allergies at first, so I have been thoroughly exposed. So far, she’s pretty sick, but it’s akin to a really bad cold. I’m asymptomatic so far, and I sincerely hope I remain that way.

UPDATE: I did end up symptomatic and am currently recovering as of 11/20/2021

The fact that her illness is mild, and that I am currently donning the title of immunity man, is a blessing. But it’s also thanks to the vaccines. She would likely be far worse without it, and my track record of handling the flu poorly means that if I wasn’t dying, I’d think I was.

Get vaccinated! It was unvaccinated people who spread it to her, and I can’t recommend games to you if you’re dead. Anyway, we have been dealing with a heavy situation since June already, and adding Covid on top has increased stress levels to insane proportions.

I had a review I intended on publishing today, I didn’t finish it in time. I’m well out of spoons so I’ve told myself that work can fork off for the time being. (Look up spoon theory if you have no idea what the hell I just wrote).

My content schedule is likely to be slower for a week, longer if I end up getting sick too. I’m a big man-baby and will do nothing but cry and whine, and poop, if I fall ill.

I do have stuff in the works. The review I was intending to publish today was The Mad Titans Shadow for Marvel Champions. The War Machine Hero Pack will also be landing on my doorstep sometime today. I’ve still got a lot of board games from my Origin’s Hall to review as well.

I have some video game review ideas floating around. But I don’t have any prerelease reviews in the works because I fell behind in October. I don’t request games when I’m behind because that would be very stupid of me. Once I published my Phoenix Point Review, I was caught up, but then Covid burst through the door like an unexpected visit from the in-laws.

I might review Battlefield 2042, but I’m not having a great time with the 10-hour trial. I can hardly get in a game at all. Plus on the Series X, you can’t disable cross-play with PC players without also dropping off PS5 players, where many of my friends are playing. It may end up being a deal-breaker for me, we will see.

I’ve also been messing around with Back 4 Blood and One Step From Eden. I may decide to review either or both. Between now and throughout 2022 there’s going to be a lot of video games, so my coverage of the new hotness will resume soon.

I still have a backlog I want to get to at some point though. With Deathloop, Farcry 6, and Legend of The Mana. Hopefully, I can manage all of that soon because 2022 is going to be a big year for video games, and I’m constantly expanding my coverage of board games.

In any case, this is my half-baked last-minute post in place of the actual interesting stuff I’m supposed to publish. If you want to stay up to date on our Covid situation, follow me on Twitter, that’s where I’ll post updates should the need arise.

Take care of yourselves, and wear a mask to protect other people. Don’t forget to play some games too!