Five Great PC Games Under $6

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There’s no denying that the pandemic has hit some people harder than others. Being a gamer down on their luck isn’t a great feeling, I’ve been there. I still vividly remember the time someone online gifted me a three-day trial of Xbox live so I could play the Left 4 Dead demo back on the Xbox 360. It feels bad.

Even if you’re doing okay I would imagine most people can appreciate a good cheap game. I’ve personally played and reviewed all five of these titles so I can vouch for them personally.

Warp Glider: $.99 Cents on Steam

You can find my review here.

Warp Glider is a really neat arcade-style game about seeing how long you can survive. What really makes it interesting is the fact that you don’t really use standard projectile-type weapons as you might expect.

The whole game is physics-based, including your own ship’s own momentum. The power-ups you can acquire largely play off of that fact. A shield can protect you from damage but also turns you into a battering ram. Sort of like The Last Jedi but without the massive amount of history and lore disruption!

You can use a magnet that shoves enemies away to push them into each other or into passing asteroids. Or swing a defensive orb around like a galactic wrecking ball. It’s incredibly addicting, and you can’t get much cheaper.

Circadian Dice: Name your own price on

You can find my review here.

Circadian Dice like a Slay the Spire Esq deck builder, but instead of cards, it’s dice. As you play through the various and unique stages, you build out the faces of your dice to manipulate the type of effects you get.

You might stack damage on some faces or defense on others. Give yourself coins to spend or gems to use your chosen classes’ unique abilities.

It features a ton of standard content and a hard and endless mode you can unlock that makes the game extremely replayable. It’s a novel take on the deck-building genre and one I can’t recommend enough.

Chrono Ghost: $5.99 on Steam

You can find my review here.

Chrono Ghost is a kick you in the face platformer where you can reverse, stop or speed up time to manipulate objects. The trick is, only green objects are affected by your time powers. It’s a highly challenging but fair platformer, and I really like how much it leans into its theme. With clock hands and other time, clock or watch inspired hazards.

In contrast to its frustrating nature, the music is usually pleasant and calm, but always nice. I want to say the game is on the shorter side, but that’s going to depend on your own personal skill.

The game is nice enough to track your death count. Once I had completed Chrono Ghost, I had died 774 times. It’s not going to appeal to everyone, but if you’re a fan of other tough platformers, it’s a great game.

For Sparta: $1.99 on Steam

You can find my review here.

For Sparta is a wave-based rogue-lite where you fight off hordes of monsters and Persians. You pick up essence as you fight and can spend it between waves to unlock blueprints that you also pick up.

The blueprints consist of a wild variety of power-ups. There are literally 200+ items in the game, and most of them stack with others to form crazy combos. There is no meta progression, For Sparta is all about seeing how many waves you can survive.

The game handles enemy waves in a semi-random fashion, so you never quite know what combination you will be fighting, and it really helps the game stay fresh. It’s got an old-school addictiveness to it that I really enjoy.

Breakpoint: $4.99 on Steam

You can find my review here.

Breakpoint is another score attack style game that can be described as twin-stick slasher. You pilot a retro-style spaceship, but instead of guns, you swing swords, poke with spears and slam with hammers.

Each weapon has a very distinct feel, and despite the utter chaos of the game, you have to put a great deal of thought into what you’re doing thanks to the break system. When weapons break, they explode doing massive damage, and you really have to try and time your breaks when they will wipe out the most enemies.

It’s a visually pleasing game with plenty of nice razzle-dazzle despite its simple aesthetics. It’s an easy game to just jump into and start playing but has a high skill ceiling to truly master it.

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