10 Games You Might Have Missed In March 2021

You can find a video version of this list here: 10 Games You Might Have Missed In March 2021 – YouTube

It’s March Madness, and I think that’s something to do with some kind of Sports ball. But that sounds sweaty and physical, so let’s make it about the far superior form of entertainment, video games instead. Now the Viagra won’t kick in on the triple-A front until around May, with a little bit of a half chub in April. I’ve thought long and hard about what games to include on this list, and I’ve come up with 10 to keep you busy late into these cool Spring nights.

Teamfight Manager

Teamfight Manager is a unique simulation game about coaching a competitive E-Sports Team in a fictional game. Somewhat like a Moba, but more fighting and less screaming at your teammates about being in the wrong lane.

The most compelling aspect is the Teamfights themselves. You select various classes for your players and take turns with the other team picking and banning champions. The fights themselves are automatic, and you can watch as the miserable team of scrubs you put together gets absolutely annihilated despite having superior matchups!

In-between seasons, the game within the game adds new champions while others are buffed and nerfed. That’s like, two layers deep, gameception, whoa. The concept is interesting, to say the least. The pixel arena style of the game within a game is a great deal more captivating than trying to parse out what the hell happened in any livestream of League of Legends.

Scrapnaut Early Access:

Crying about Cyberpunk is so old hat, let me introduce you to some nice Steampunk instead. It’s a survival game! A genre we can safely talk about now since Valheim made all of the genre’s detractors look like complete self-absorbed fools. Mmmm, The sweet taste of validation.

Scrapnaut is a top-down survival game with a heavy emphasis on base building. You need to manage food, oxygen, electricity and protect your home from robot raids.

It’s currently in early access, but four of five planned biomes are finished, and future updates might include vehicles and a co-op mode. Steam reviews are currently positive, and the game does feature a demo if you need further convincing.

Until The Last Plane

Until the Last Plane is a light management game about World War 2 planes. It features three playable nations each with its own campaign; the USA, USSR, and Germany. You need to manage fuel, ammunition, and the upkeep of your planes. But that’s just part of the game.

Most other aspects feature some kind of mini-game, from turn-based dogfights to a timing challenge during bombing runs. You can also upgrade and outfit six different planes per nation.

It’s an interesting take on war in a time before leaders committing war crimes with unmanned drones right before a jolly game of golf ceased being newsworthy. And occupying a country for more than 17 years started being touted as “winning.” America! F*** Yeah!


Everhood is a trippy adventure game with musically focused rhythmic battles. Without playing it, I’d guess it’s pretty much music meets Undertale on acid…Oh wait, I apologize. Music meets Undertale on MORE acid. It could be worse. You could attempt to come out of a bad trip by starting the Witcher Netflix series… As an Arachnophobe…0/10 do not recommend.

Remember when rhythm games were actually a thing? Now finding a working dance pad, guitar hero guitar, or rock band drum kit is a lot like finding a dinosaur fossil. You don’t play with it, it belongs in a museum! Or put on eBay, hey it’s rough out there, I won’t judge.

Everhood is a neat take on a mostly dead genre. Hey, we might not be able to bring disco back. I mean, we also shouldn’t, disco sucks. But maybe Everhood, alongside Crypt of the Necrodancer, can pave the way for more rhythm-based games


Neurodeck is a psychological deck builder where you get to punch some of humanity’s most potent fears in the face with the power of snacks and a good night’s sleep. I gotta be honest, if a giant spider manifests from my mind into a giant creepy shadow version of itself, keep the cake and get me a flamethrower. Hold on to the cake though, I still want it later…

Mental health and phobias is an interesting setting for a deck builder, and I adore the aesthetic and animations of the phobias themselves. They are just the right balance of alluring and disturbing.

I actually reviewed Neurodeck. And while I certainly have my complaints, it’s still pretty neat and the developer seems interested in improving it. That’s always great to see.

Outside In – Early Access

Outside in is a co-op-only game where two players have to work together in very different roles. One shrinks down and enters the body of a sick cat to do battle with nasty viruses inside her. The second one works in the lab guiding the other player while slapping together vaccines for them to use.

Teamwork is paramount as the player doing the dirty work is reliant on the fast puzzle-solving skills of the second player to fight back. Choose your role, and you’re friend wisely. Unless you want to get beat down because your partner couldn’t solve a Rubix cube with a can of paint.

I really dig asymmetrical multiplayer games. Honestly, after a year of complete nonsense thanks to incompetent governments and Darwin award nominees, also known as anti-maskers, it could be therapeutic to blast some digital viruses.

Seriously, 2020 ruined the Fallout games for me. You expect me to believe people remained locked in a vault for years? Please, after one week someone would have let the Deathclaws in and still claimed the nukes were fake while one was chewing on their liver.

Cyanide and Happiness: Freakpocalyspse

Old-school-style adventure games make up the basic essence of a video game. I mean you point at things, you click on things. That’s basically Doom, right? Cyanide and Happiness: Freakpocalypse is also one of those pointy clicky games, basically like Doom…

It’s set in the universe of the same name. If you know what that is, you know it’s going to be full of dark humor, and also really freaking weird. Visually the game looks like an interactive comic strip or cartoon, and that’s pretty damn cool.

The main character is also a complete loser, this is good. Video games are about escapism, and I’m sure none of you can relate to that. I mean, I certainly can’t…Narrator: “He absolutely could.”

Cartel Tycoon Early Access

So you’ve finished Breaking Bad, and now life has no meaning? Well, maybe Cartel Tycoon can help you get your fix. It’s a simulation inspired by the 80s drug trade, and you play as a drug lord. What could possibly go wrong?

It turns out, it’s actually not all cocaine, money, and hookers. It’s all about logistics. Certain substances need to be made, hidden, and transported. Then that money’s dirty, so it needs transported and laundered into clean money.

You have to keep your lieutenants happy, so they don’t kill you in your sleep. Then that rival cartel is also fitting you some stylish cement shoes, and don’t get me started on the police. Oh, and then the US military. You know they are always up for a good old liberation! Worse than the in-laws I swear, they never leave!

Dino Galaxy Tennis

I have said many times that adding dinosaurs to any game automatically makes it better. Madden NFL with dinosaurs? That’s a better game. Call of Duty, but with dinosaurs? Who wouldn’t play that? Dino Galaxy Tennis clearly backs me up on this.

Regular tennis? Boring. It’s even worse if you’re actually playing amateur tennis because you can’t force some child to go fetch the ball for you like the pros do. But tennis where the players are cartoon dinosaurs slapping an apocalyptic meteor back and forth between planets? Adorably morbid, but also awesome.

Dino Galaxy Tennis features a bunch of power-ups and special moves, local multiplayer and a story mode that can also be played in co-op. A Dinomite feature if you ask me.

For Sparta

For Sparta is a super cheap arcade-style rogue-lite where you face down hordes of monsters and Persians using a crap ton of wacky power-ups. It’s all about topping your own high score and just seeing how far you can get. None of that drip-fed addictive unlockable content to keep you jonesing. You just play, for fun. Blasphemy I know.

I actually reviewed the game. I’m not sure if anyone truly needs a critic to tell them whether or not a two-dollar game is worth the money. But I did it anyway so please feed my reviewer ego and check it out. Or just buy the damn game instead of a Snickers bar, it’s two freaking dollars.

No really, shoo. I used all of my movie references in the actual review, and I’ve got no material left. I’m either going to pun again or make another stinted political jab ensuring I piss off half of my audience if I try to write more……..Still here? Fine, Capitalism bad. It only cares about the profit Spartan! Profit Margin, profit Spartan, get it? You made me do this…

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