10 Games You Might Have Missed In February 2021

You can find a video version of this list here: 10 Games You May Have Missed In February, 2021 – YouTube

We might still be in a triple-A slump, but there was no shortage of interesting games to release in February. There were so many, that I actually had trouble cutting it down to just 10. The best part about this list, is that it should be dropping around February 27th. And that means each of these games can be picked up now!

You probably missed them, but that’s okay. I’m practically a video game spank bank and I’m here to sprinkle you with new games…I should get that on a shirt…

There Was A Dream

  • Developer: Keydare Project
  • Publisher: Keydare Project
  • Genre: Open world, variety
  • Platforms: PC
  • Price: $14.99
  • Links: Trailer

There Was a Dream is a shockingly ambitious single-player adventure game that takes place inside of a lucid dream. In it, you will fight manifestations of the mysterious entity and explore a dreamlike world. One that you can alter through your own actions, making it more dreamy, or shifting it into a nightmare.

The sheer variety of gameplay is impressive. You can cuddle animals or hunt them for food. You can farm, fish, and travel around the dreamscape via horseback, car, sailboat, and other interesting methods.

A game of this scale being put together by a small indie team is incredibly impressive and makes you sort of think about your own accomplishments and how they might compare. Today, for example, I put pants on to write this article. You can leave my trophy by the door, thanks.

Dreams are a fascinating setting that is rarely explored in gaming, and often underutilized. Making a game inside a lucid dream and giving the players a large degree of freedom to play inside it feels like the right way to do it, and There Was A Dream seems to have nailed the concept nicely.

Shores Unknown (Early Access)

  • Developer: Vallynne
  • Publisher: Hitcents
  • Genre: Tactical Turn Based RPG
  • Platforms: PC
  • Price: $19.99
  • Links: Trailer

Shores Unknown is a narrative-driven, gridless tactical RPG that recently hit early access, and I have heard nothing but good things from those who have played it.

You have full control of your little mercenary band. You can alter their equipment and skills as you see fit, turning them into a force to be feared. Or just send your least favorite character naked to fight a bear, it’s up to you.

Some turn-based games can have you clicking through combat encounters like trying to find “just” the right video on your favorite adult website and leaves you feeling just as dirty. The combat in Shores Unknown on the other hand looks great, and should offer a good challenge. Most encounters will require at least some degree of planning to succeed.

The game is in early access, so buyer beware. Currently, the first chapter, and half of the second chapter is ready, offering around six hours of gameplay and plans to be in early access for one year.

Lemon Cake

  • Developer: Éloïse Laroche
  • Publisher: Éloïse Laroche
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Platforms: PC
  • Price: $14.99
  • Links: Trailer

When it comes to humor, I go for the low-hanging fruit, so I included Lemon Cake to bring a little bit of wholesomeness to this list. Nothing like a sweet shop game about contributing to obesity with treats made from boob juice and unborn animal babies to really clean things up.

Jokes aside the game is adorable, and no animals are harmed. You grow the ingredients, take care of the animals, bake the goods and serve them to your customers. You can even set up a cat café! After all, nothing attracts customers like a cute pussy!

The gameplay looks to be equal parts Harvest Moon, and Diner Dash with a splash of Overcooked. You need to juggle several aspects at once to keep the ingredients flowing, the customers happy, and goods baking.

If you do well, you can put that money back into your bakery to make the operation run even smoother with various upgrades, or just decorate the place. You can’t get off the capitalism bus, so you might as well ride it with a new fancy chair!

Survival Vacancy

  • Developer: Mind Leak
  • Publisher: Mind Leak
  • Genre: Colony Sim
  • Platforms: PC
  • Price: $19.99
  • Links: Trailer

Survival Vacancy is a colony sim set in a world following the resulting aftermath of nuclear war. You need to dig underground and gather food for survivors who can be turned into workers to help the colony thrive.

Survival Vacancy sets itself apart from other colony sims by having a strong focus on automation and machinery. You need to plan and set up strings of automated processes to keep the colony living its best life.

In someways Survival Vacancy is actually less dystopian than real life. After all, you automate most tasks while housing, feeding, and caring for the health of your workers. AND you even protect them from mutants!

I like to imagine the mutants are muttering stuff like, ” It’s a conspiracy, nuclear war isn’t real! Radiation has a 99% of survival” Right before you blast them with automated energy weapons. Silly mutants.

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos

  • Developer: Heliocentric Studios
  • Publisher: Team 17 Digital
  • Genre: Action Rogue-lite
  • Platforms: PC and Nintendo Switch
  • Price: $19.99
  • Links: Trailer

Rogue Heroes is a rogue-lite that can be played in co-op with up to four players locally, or online. The game definitely gives off strong old-school Zelda vibes wrapped in an interesting multiplayer rogue-lite package.

The game features several different classes that each have a unique ability, the dungeons are procedural, and there is a village building system that all open up stuff you can use on your adventure.

Rogue Heroes looks to be simple to play, but that doesn’t make it easy. Sometimes the simplest tasks can be the most difficult, like how I fail at making pancakes. The good news is, failure in the game means you get to keep and spend gems on new stuff since its a rogue-lite. Failure at making pancakes just leaves you empty, sad, and questioning life.

The best thing you can do is play together with friends, that way you never have to admit that the failure is your fault. You can’t do that with pancakes that resemble an out-of-control bubble bath.

Heavy Metal Machines Console Release

  • Developer: Hoplon
  • Publisher: Hoplon
  • Genre: Multiplayer Vehicular Combat
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
  • Price: FREE
  • Links: Trailer

Heavy Metal Machines is what you would get if you crossed a hero shooter, with a MOBA and the baby burst from the womb and immediately start playing roller derby across the hospital floor.

Two teams of four players pick from a variety of vehicles, all of which have four different special abilities, and then burn rubber in an attempt to steal and deliver a bomb in the opposing team’s goal.

Something that stood out to me was how the game wasn’t just a bunch of cars blindingly shooting at each other. Every vehicle’s skills have to be used intelligently since they can’t be spammed, and it keeps it from being a mindless slog fest.

Heavy Metal Machines previously released to Steam but just made its console debut featuring cross-play. The best part is, the game is totally free to play. Don’t get your metal twisted either, it is not pay to win. It features a free rotation of cars, and you can earn in-game currency to pick up your favorites.

Curse of the Dead Gods

  • Developer: Passtech Games
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Genre: Action Rogue-lite
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch
  • Price: $19.99
  • Link: Trailer

You probably love Hades, but you have met dark, edgy, and grew up listening to Green Day Hades? You can certainly draw some similarities between Hades and Curse of the Dead Gods, but come on, we all went through phases.

Curse of the Dead Gods looks to be a great action rogue-lite with meaty combat, tons of weapons, and skills. Curse of The Dead Gods also features darkness as an important game mechanic, pushing you to light the area around you. The environmental traps play a key role in combat, allowing you turn use them to your advantage.

If you get greedy in these types of games, and who doesn’t? You can foster that greed in the form of curses, a potential double-edged sword that may harm and help you at the same time.

Curse of the Dead Gods went through a successful early access stage, and the recent full release has been met with very positive reviews from Steam users and Critics alike. Speaking of, I’m also reviewing this one! Keep an eye out for it soon!

Fights in Tight Spaces: Early Access

  • Developer: Ground Shelter
  • Publisher: Mode 7
  • Genre: Deckbuilding Rogue0lite
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox One
  • Price: $24.99
  • Link: Trailer

I’ve actually been playing Fights in Tight Spaces a little bit before it launched, and I’ll have an early access review ready next week. But, spoiler alert, go ahead and grab it now, especially if you’re a fan of deck builders.

It hardly feels like an early access game, it’s content-heavy and extremely polished. Each fight is a tactical showdown as you channel your inner Jackie Chan. The game’s title is no joke. The tight spaces matter and mobility is key. Moving around requires cards just like attacking, and if you play them right, you can force enemies to attack or shoot each other.

You can unlock new starter decks, but the meta progression is pretty light. So you’re going to have to wax on and wax off, or be like water, to progress through the game.

It feels like a fresh take on the deckbuilding genre and oozes with charm. It’s very quickly become my second favorite thing to do with a tight space.


  • Developer: RedRuins Softworks
  • Publisher: HypeTrain Digital
  • Genre: Survival
  • Platforms: PC
  • Price: $24.99
  • Links: Trailer

Breathedge is a new spacenautica survival game with a good dose of low-brow humor. Making it a fitting addition to the depravity-laden fit of madness my brain decided to throw when making this article.

Managing your oxygen is one of the keys to surviving the game, so I’d advise against burning it to choke the chicken. Immortal or not, wasting precious time abusing your in-game feathered companion is probably a bad idea.

There looks to be plenty of crafting and base building alongside a decent chunk of combat. Imagine being able to craft weapons and defend yourself in a survival game. Makes my eyes a little, watery.

I held off on the game during its early access run due to its episodic nature, but with its 1.0 sitting pretty, there’s never been a better time to shoot for the stars.

Hero Among Us

  • Developer: Fire Horse Studios
  • Publisher: Fire Horse Studios
  • Genre: Strategy and management
  • Platforms: PC
  • Price: $9.99
  • Links: Trailer

No, it’s not an Among Us clone. Lord knows I see enough of them when navigating the soul-draining trash fire that we call Steams upcoming release list. Hero Among Us is a unique take on being a superhero. You manage your bad guy punching duties on a worldwide scale.

You have several classes to choose from, all of which can be upgraded, and it’s up to you decide what types of trouble you will handle and where. A hero can’t be everywhere at once after all. With great power, comes great responsibility, and choices may have consequences.

The game is also real-time, so you will need to move fast or risk getting replaced by Robert Pattinson, imagine the embarrassment.

It’s kind of odd how few superhero games we actually have, given the popularity of the MCU and the…um…valiant effort of DC. So I think the novel concept of the game is pretty cool. Perhaps Hero Among Us, is the hero game we deserve.

Well I hope you found at least one game worth picking up. If you don’t want to give me money, I added YouTube to my content cycle a few months ago. Maybe give it some much needed support as growing it has been much slower than the sites success thanks to the almighty algorithm. There’s an even a video of this list, where you can hear my soul die in real time as I have to give all the dumb shit I wrote a voice. Also, reviewer profile, see if we match!

I’ll still accept money though!

Seriously though, happy gaming!