Five New Game Releases [November 21st to November 27th]

This week is another light one, but enjoy the breather because the next couple of weeks are going to get pretty crazy again.

I’ve been running this website for just over two years, but I’ve only recently added YouTube to my content roll. I hate to do the “pls subscribe” bullshit because I hate when others do it. But the YouTube algorithm is complete ass when you’re starting out, so, if you don’t mind…

Anyway, the games.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands

I’ve already included Shadowlands in a previous list, but it got delayed, so now I have to include it again, or people will throw things at me. Okay, Shadowlands is the newest expansion for a seemingly immortal MMO that somehow survived Panda people being added as a race. Seriously, I thought the ideas had run out by then.

On a less sarcastic note, Shadowlands features five new zones to explore, a covenant system where players can join a specific covenant to take on quests for rewards tied to that covenant, an infinite ever-changing dungeon, and more.

I haven’t played since The Burning Crusade, so I say these things from an outside perspective. The infinite dungeon sounds really cool to me anyway. This feels like the type of game that I don’t really need to explain. You’re either on the World of Warcraft train, or you aren’t. If you are, you probably know more about this expansion than I do anyway. Feel free to hold it over my head.

BFF or Die Console Release

  • Release Date: November 24th on PlayStation 4. 25th on Xbox One, and 27th on Switch. (It’s already out on PC)
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Links: Steam, Microsoft Store, Trailer

BFF or Die has been out on PC for quite some time but is landing on various consoles this week. It’s a party game that can be played with up to four players and feels like the love child of Overcooked meets Pac-Man.

You have to navigate various levels collecting Orbees while avoiding monsters. Teamwork is pretty essential as many levels present you with a tool that one player needs to utilize while the others grab the goods.

The levels are pretty clever, and the different gadgets are a lot of fun to use in tandem with your team. The game itself is pretty short but features an endless trial mode for a ton of replay value.

The PC version of BFF or Die was one of the first games I reviewed on the site. The review itself needs to be cleaned up in order to meet my quality standards of today. But feel free to check it out if you’re interested in the game.

Out of Space Console Release

Out of Space is another party game that was released on PC a while back but is landing on consoles soon. Out of Space is about cleaning and powering up randomly generated space stations. The problem is each one is infested with gross alien critters that make a mess of things.

You have to work together to clean up the rooms while earning money by recycling trash. But you also have to meet your own needs such as eating and sleeping. You can buy all sorts of furniture and tools that have in-game functions, but you have to find the best way to furnish the cramped station’s interior.

It’s a chaotic but strategical experience, and teamwork plays a pretty big role in the game. It’s received a lot of updates since its PC release, and it is a really fitting console couch co-op title.

I reviewed the PC version of Out of Space when it released, it has received a bunch of updates since, but you may still find it useful.

Tetrogue Dragons

  • Release Date: November 26th
  • Platforms: PC
  • Links: Steam

Tetrogue Dragons is a small but neat looking game that combines Tetris with deck building and rogue-lites. Sadly there isn’t a ton of info on the game. You follow a rogue-lite style random dungeon with events, as one of several classes and battle through a Tetris style falling block game.

The lack of information almost caused me to skip over this one, but you can glean some interesting tidbits from the Steam trailer. Every class has block load outs and you “deck build” it further by playing. There seem to be random events and the colors of the blocks are linked to different stats like attack and defense. It looks fun.

I think the concept is very intriguing and in the past, I’ve played some fantastic unique takes on deck builders such as Circadian Dice over on But if you’re an aspiring indie dev and reading this, fill out your store page, it’s the literal face of your game.

Towaga: Among Shadows Xbox Release

Towaga is another game that has already been released, this time to PC and Switch. But it makes its Xbox One debut this week. Towaga is an action-packed side-scrolling game with fantastic animation.

The game features an array of spells, 70 levels, and four game modes, including some multiplayer-based PvP so Towaga can double as a neat party game.

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I’m not gonna lie, it kind of reminds me of Dragon Ball Z, with the flying around and massive energy beams firing everywhere. The animation is seriously killer though. It’s inspired by classic 2D animation and I think the game does the medium justice.

The list is on the shorter side this time, but I still hope you found something worth playing. If not, maybe you can find something in my Creator Store? Everything in it has been curated by me so if my tastes line up with yours it may work out. You might also want to check out last weeks list.

Next week’s list already looks extremely daunting so I’m gonna go nap now, happy gaming!