Six New Game Releases [November 14th to November 20th]

After last week’s hailstorm of game releases, this week is much more reserved. This list has a much larger focus on indie or lesser-known titles, but that doesn’t make it any less important. A lot of these games might be under the radar, but they just could be just the type of game you’re looking for.

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Mars Horizon

Mars Horizon is a space agency simulation game where you take part in the space race with the eventual goal of landing not just on the moon, but on Mars. You can choose from a selection of agencies, or create your own. You need to build your base, conduct diplomacy with other agencies, and customize your own vehicles.

It’s more than simply launching a rocket into space, you need to manage it once it’s up there, adding another layer of depth to the game. Mars Horizon seems to be one part city builder, one part Kerbal Space Program, and I’m intrigued about having a management sim with a very explicit goal.

Many such games tend to fall into a funk once you’re set-up, with nothing interesting to do for long stretches of time. In Mars Horizon, you’re always working toward the daunting task of space exploration.

The Developers have collaborated with the ESA and UK Space Agency so that the experience feels more authentic. Almost every kid wants to be an astronaut at some point. Those of us with our heads still floating around in the cosmos should find the experience fascinating at the very least. There is a demo on Steam if you’re on the fence.

Firefighting Simulator -The Squad

  • Release Date: November 17th, 2020.
  • Platforms: PC
  • Links: Steam, Trailer

These types of simulation games can be hit or miss, sometimes they are pretty awful, but I never discount them outright after playing games such as Mud Runner, which doesn’t sound fun on paper but is strangely entertaining.

Firefighting Simulator allows you and your friends to take on various scenarios using authentic fire fighting equipment with a realistic fire simulation system. You can also play solo while commanding AI teammates to help control the situation.

It’s not as simple as just spraying some water on the flames, though you will be doing that too. You may have to rescue victims trapped by the blaze while figuring out the best ways to navigate or deal with the inferno.

The game claims that you will contend with real-world fire hazards, such as backdrafts, flash fires, electrical fires, and explosions. If the game plays as well as it sounds, it could be a very unique simulation experience.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Take Dynasty Warriors, add Zelda, stir, and voila, you have Hyrule Warriors. It’s also a prequel to Breath of the Wild so, that’s cool too. I may have parted ways with Nintendo games years ago, but I’ve always enjoyed the Warriors games as simple straight forward fun.

The Warriors’ titles have a solid foundation that could probably be applied to many themes. The Legend of Zelda fits in nicely with a variety of characters to play as, each with an assortment of neat powers and attacks.

The game takes a lot of inspiration from Breath of the Wild, implementing a variety of items and runes that could have unique uses. Furthermore, the game can be played with a friend in split-screen, a feature rarely seen these days.

Breath of the Wilds’ vibrant art style really lends itself well to the chaotic combat of the Warriors series. If you’re interested there’s a demo of the game available.

Azurebreak Heroes

Azurebreak Heroes has a simple but charming presentation, and the combat looks incredibly fluid. It’s an RPG, but with rogue-lite progression and random level layouts.

Azurebreak features six playable characters with their own skills and numerous artifacts you can combine into your own build. As a huge fan of rogue-lites, I think it looks like a lot of fun.

I know that games like Azurebreak can be easy to dismiss, and since I dig through the bowels of hell…er…I mean Steam in order to find these games, I can’t blame you. But in my experience, a lot of simple looking indie games can be incredibly deep and fun.

Rest assured if an Indie title is on these lists, I think it’s potentially a good game and have painstakingly separated them from asset flips, low effort garbage, and hentai. Besides, Azurebreak is a very inexpensive game. So if your bank account is still sore from last week, you can give it a little love tap instead of an elbow drop from the top ropes.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

I thought that Portal was an oddball crossover for the series, but combining Bridge Constructor with The Walking Dead is not a thing I would have ever predicted. But here we are.

At its core, you are still building bridges, but characters from the show are present, as well as walker hordes. In addition to building bridges, you will get to mess with traps, and there is even combat.

Accompanying all of it is an amusing ragdoll physics system for the walkers that should give you a good laugh. It’s another pretty cheap game, and it’s releasing on pretty much everything.

You do get a small discount on Steam if you own any of the other Bridge Constructor games. I believe a few have been featured in Humble Bundles so, it might be worth checking.


  • Release Date: November 20th, 2020
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
  • Links: Steam, Trailer

Syzygy is a neat little puzzle game where you can alter the board into different shapes to affect how both you and your enemies move. Your movement options can differ between the board consisting of squares, hexagons, and triangles.

It looks like an interesting brain teaser to challenge your mind differently. I find it’s art style attractive, and I think the music changing when you change the tiles is a neat touch.

I suck at puzzle games but, I know this game has an audience, they just need to know that it exists.

That’s the end of the list for this week, a nice little breather after the onslaught of giant releases. I’m still measuring on whether or not these weekly lists are worth it compared to my original monthly ones so if you like them, share them with others who might be interested in these games.

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Until next time, happy gaming!