16 New Game Releases [November 7th to November 14th]

Oh man, this week is insane. November is always a hot time for game releases, but the next generation consoles launching this week really kicks it up a notch.

For this reason, This is probably not a comprehensive list of everything dropping this week. There is also the fact that I’m a game reviewer too. I’m swamped with things to do, and in the middle of an exceptionally stressful election that has been dragging on for days. But I’m committed to compiling these lists. I would be remiss to skip the biggest gaming week of the year.

I also want to note that there aren’t as many good looking indie games this week, which isn’t shocking because they would be buried. Yet I did find a couple of brave titles to mention, God speed little ones, God speed.

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  • Release Date: November 10th, 2020
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
  • Links: Steam, Trailer.

XIII is a remake. It originally launched way back on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube. It, in turn, was loosely based on a Belgian 1984 graphic novel series of the same name. The original didn’t really do that great, so I’m kind of surprised to see a remake.

XIII is a cel-shaded first person shooter, which might not be that shocking today, but it was one of few games to utilize the style back when it was originally released. Its style is more than just the cel-shading. It incorporates a very comic looking atmosphere, with words such as BOOM! appearing when there is an explosion and speech bubbles when characters are speaking.

It has an interesting conspiracy thriller style solo campaign and a competitive multiplayer mode. The gameplay honestly looks like a lot of fun and it should slide in nicely with today’s standard of shooters. The only thing holding it back is the crammed release window, and it would be a real shame for it to fail a second time because of that.

It isn’t a full-price title, and it’s one you should definitely keep on eye on.

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Sakuna mixes side-scrolling action combat with the farming of Harvest Moon, and I’m here for it. I guess you could compare it to the Rune Factory series, but that’s a stretch, simply because the farming in Sakuna is much more involved and in the realm of a simulation game.

The games premise is that your playing as a Harvest Goddess, meaning the rice you are tending, grants you power. The game has a gorgeous art style, and the combat looks incredibly flashy, but that’s only one half of the game.

The Rice farming seems to have deep simulation mechanics combined with mini-games. The game claims that rice crops directly affect Sakuna’s combat abilities, and if that’s true, it may have one of the most unique character progression systems out there. The game is also loosely based on Japanese myth and folklore, so that’s pretty cool too.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Beyond Light is an upcoming expansion for Destiny 2 bringing new content for guardians to eat up. But Destiny giveth, Destiny taketh away. Some older content is being shelved, soon to become a distant memory for existing players, and never to be experienced by new ones. Well, that’s hyperbolic, it can and will be brought back and cycled.

Still, I’m not sure I like the concept at all, but I have no horse in this particular race myself, I never climbed aboard the Destiny train. That said, Beyond Light features a new location, the frozen moon Europa. Given how much I hate winter, it wouldn’t be my first choice of planets but, it does look interesting.

The expansion is also bringing a new power called stasis, and all three classes use it in a different way. Alongside the ability to ice enemies is a new raid and a slew of other goodies I’m sure Destiny fans will enjoy.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

I’m beginning to embarrass myself here. The Yakuza games are another long popular series I’ve never played, though I’ve always wanted to. I know these games are strange. From an outsider perspective Like a Dragon looks very strange, but not in a bad way.

The series has always featured real-time brawling, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon makes the switch to turn-based combat. I’m not sure how long time fans will take that, but as I am putting this together, reviews for Like a Dragon have already been released. It’s currently sitting at an 87 on Open Critic with 95% of critics recommending it. So it sounds like the system change is working.

I have heard it’s not very deep, but the appeal of Yakuza games goes beyond mere combat, the story, the humor, world, and minigames combined with the combat forms the games alluring nature.

The Falconeer

The Falconeer is in my opinion, one of the coolest looking games on this list. It’s kind of a dogfighting shooter, but instead of a plane, you’re riding a giant bird. But even aside from the combat, which looks awesome, the world just seems great to fly around in and explore.

The game actually has an open world too, so you can fly around and take it all in while battling airships, dragons, giant robot crabs, and more. It apparently features different classes with their own gear and warbirds and all sort of mutagens and upgrades you can acquire.

What’s really mind-blowing is The Falconeer is being created by a solo developer. Games such as this one and Phasmophobia have truly opened my eyes to what one talented game dev is capable of, it’s pretty incredible.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Oh man, this is a big one. For the longest time, I had a strong dislike of the series, it won me over with the overhaul that Origins brought, and I loved Odyssey. Vahalla looks like it’s further refining its strengths while adding all sorts of fun new mechanics.

It’s supposed to feature a settlement system, your fellow Vikings can raid with you, and you can even send them online to aid other players for rewards, in a way reminiscent of the Pawn system in Dragons Dogma. Oh, you can duel wield shields too, because why not?

One of the bigger failings I thought previous Assassins Creed games had was the lack of enemy variety. Ubisoft claims to have remedied this in Valhalla so, that’s great. I love large games that you can just get lost in and I’m ready to board my longship and set sail. Look for my review near its release. EDIT: My review in progress is now live.


  • Release Date: November 10th, 2020
  • Platforms: Xbox Series S/X
  • Links: Trailer

Enlisted is probably flying under your radar and for good reason. There isn’t a great deal of information out on it. However, it is going to be part of the Xbox Series X/S launch line up as it heads into the Xbox game preview program. It seems that it will move to other platforms after an exclusivity period.

Enlisted is described as a World War 2 MMO. Featuring big battles, drivable vehicles, and claims that players will be leading squads of AI soldiers into battle. It’s hard to say what exactly the game will have at launch since it’s not finished, but I’m watching closely.

I’m a huge Battlefield fan, and we aren’t getting another one until holiday 2021 at the earliest. I’m curious to see if Enlisted can fill the void. It’s timed exclusivity also makes it the only true next-gen Xbox exclusive game so far.

Raiders: Forsaken Earth

  • Release Date: November 10, 2020.
  • Platforms: PC
  • Links: Steam

This indie title is a brave one to spit in the face of the big dogs and release in the middle of them. But you know what? Bravery should be rewarded and giving this week the middle finger is totally in line with the game’s theme.

In Raiders, you control a band of, you guessed it, raiders. It’s in the same vein of Battle Brothers, but you are very much the bad guys. You recruit a team of misfits while raiding caravans and settlements and building up your own hideout.

It has some neat ideas, such as using fear as currency and enacting clan laws by spinning a wheel. Unhappy high ranking members of your group could even end up dueling you for control. While you can play as bad guys in Battle Brothers or Mount & Blade, it’s interesting to see a game run with it completely, allowing you to control the group you fight against in so many other games.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall – StarKings

Star Kings is the third expansion for the excellent 4X strategy game, Age of Wonders: Planetfall. It brings a new faction into the fray called the Oathbound, honor-driven paladins that happen to pilot big anime-style mech suits.

Alongside a new campaign centered on the Oathbound, Star Kings also features three new wildlife factions and a new powerful landmark type called Grail configurations. Planetfall is a fantastic game and every other expansion has been solid, you can bet that Star Kings will be too. EDIT: My review is now live.

Interestingly a free update is dropping alongside Star Kings that is available to everyone, regardless of whether or not you pick up the expansion, and it’s adding a new empire mode to the game. A mode that grants you some meta progression between matches. I’ve reviewed Planetfall and every expansion so far, so you can look for my review of Star Kings near its release.

The Pathless

The Pathless is an open-world adventure game with a pretty unique playstyle. You play as a hunter who partners with an eagle to hunt down corrupt spirits. The game’s combat isn’t about aim though, it’s more about timing which is interesting.

The focus is really on high speed, as you try to keep the hunter’s dash meteor full and dart across the world. In particular, I find the epic chase sequences followed by a really great looking boss fights really attractive.

The game does feature slower, more methodical gameplay portions as well, including puzzles, stealth, and exploration. It’s one of those games where the traversal itself just seems fun, something a lot of games don’t give much tender loving care.

Sack Boy: A Big Adventure

  • Release Date: November 12th, 2020
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5.
  • Links: PlayStation Store, Trailer

I’m kind of tempted to just play a clip of Vito saying, “Look at how they massacred my boy” then move on to the next game, but that’s not particularly fair. I’m not fond that the unique nature of Little Big Planet has been replaced by a straight platformer, but if I put that aside, it looks genuinely interesting.

It’s a 3D platformer, and it features multiplayer, so you can play with your friends. It does retain the same appealing charm that Little Big Planet had.

From the trailer alone, the gameplay variety looks plentiful. Despite how common platformers are, I actually think they are hard to do well. It’s very easy for them to become dull or boring due to a lack of engaging variety. Sack Boy seems to have nailed that aspect anyway.

Demon’s Souls

I’m a huge fan of Dark Souls, but I never got a chance to play Demon’s Souls, so this is exciting for me. A recent interview kind of made it sound like that not much has improved from the original, beyond the visuals. I get it. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

But part of me is concerned that one of the PlayStation 5 launch titles may feel like a very pretty, but dated game. Early hands-on reports would indicate that I’m full of crap though.

There isn’t really much to say. This is the game that not only launched an entire subgenre, it proved that there is still a market for difficult games in the midst of the casual gaming boom following the success of the Nintendo Wii. Regardless of how I feel about the remake, I’ll always be thankful for its effects on the industry.


Godfall is carrying a lot of weight upon its shoulders. Traditionally, launch titles for new consoles have been lacking, and I do get a weird Killzone Shadowfall feeling from the game. At the same time, I also inexplicably get a Stormlight Archive feeling from the game, which is freaking awesome.

The combat is certainly flashy, and this is a title that I seriously hope ends up being a good game. As much as I love Avenger’s (shut up, I will die on this hill), the multiplayer looter genre hasn’t exactly been great.

Godfall could well be the harbinger of change in that regard. The combat looks fantastic. If the rest of the game can come close to matching it, Godfall may well be sent from heaven.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The Spiderman expand-alone is probably a lot of people’s most anticipated game right now and for good reason. Sony’s Spider-Man was a fantastic game and the ability to play as Miles Morales is something spidy fans have been hoping for.

Playing as Miles should really shake up the gameplay too, due to the fact that he can camouflage himself and channel a type of bio-kinetic energy, something that Peter Parker can’t do. The proper name for it is venom blast, but it’s not really accurate since it’s more like an electric charge.

Also, have you seen the Spider-Cat costume? Because if you haven’t, you need to. I don’t really see a point in the other costumes now. The cat takes part in finisher animations and you can’t really top that.


Great, now I’m talking about Bugsnax, which means that song will now be stuck in my head for the next three hours. Bugsnax is a strange one, and strange can be really good. It paints itself as this whimsical adventure but I will be honestly shocked if there isn’t some sinister undertone, because it’s creepy as hell.

It’s also going to be a PlayStation Plus title so, free body horror for everyone. The small bit of gameplay we have seen looks really interesting though. You need to plan out how to capture different species of Bugsnax and the game claims to feature 100 species.

The creature designs are as clever as they are weird and I’m looking forward to seeing them all.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War

I fell off the Call of Duty train long ago, the last one I think I played was the first black ops. So I’m not really a good judge on what has improved. That said, Cold War will feature a single-player campaign, competitive multiplayer, and zombie modes.

It will also build upon and support the existing free to play Warzone Battle Royal. I have actually played that, and it’s fun. For the multiplayer, Cold War is bringing back fan-favorite score streaks while adding new ones and will have a new take on the gunsmith system.

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Generally speaking, you tend to be in or out with this franchise, if you’re in you know what you’re getting, and if you’re out you don’t care.

Well, that’s the list for hell week. I’m saddened but not surprised at the lack of indie gems, but I hope everyone found something to look forward to anyway. I’m still debating on whether or not I want to continue making these lists weekly, or return to a monthly plan. It will largely depend on how these weekly lists are received versus my monthly ones. If you enjoy this content consider checking out my Creator Store or my Kofi. Or even just share this list.

Until next time folks, Happy gaming.