Five more game demos you should check out in the Steam Game Festival Summer Adventure Part Two

My crazy Steam Game Festival Adventure continues as I catalog my thoughts on five more demos that tickled my fancy. If you’re here, you should be at the Steam Game Festival instead, but check out my thoughts anyway. Maybe I can push you toward a particular demo. If the event is over by the time you read this then perhaps I can help you fatten up that wishlist. What’s on the game festival menu today?

The Survivalists

The Survivalists is slated for release in 2020.

The Survivalists is another game I have been looking forward too. It is a cooperative survival game set in the universe of The Escapist games (which are also excellent).

The demo itself can be played in co-op which is really neat. The Survivalist oozes with charm that a lot of other games in the genre lack. It was super easy to pick up and play without losing its survival edge. I learned the basics of crafting and surviving, found treasure maps, fought beasts and Orcs (or goblins?), and found a dungeon.

One really interesting thing thar makes The Survivalists stand apart from other games in the genre are the monkeys. You can tame and train monkeys in the game. Once you have a new primate friend you can hand them tools and tell them to mimic you. The monkeys can do anything that you can. Whether it’s chopping trees, building a house, crafting stuff, or even fighting alongside you.

It’s a really neat system that can help you manage a bunch of tasks at once even in single player. The Survivalist Demo feels really polished I really can’t wait to play the full game with my partner.

Black Skylands

Black Skylands is slated for release in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Black Skylands is a top-down action shooter with floating islands and airships, my kind of party. The demo is a bit rough around the edges, mostly with inventory management, but it was still fun to play and the concept is really cool.

You have an open world you can traverse with an airship and you can also take off on foot with a handy grappling hook. I got to fight creatures and humanoid foes on ship and foot with some really solid Bullet Hell style shooting mechanics.

You can fly out to resource islands and bring crates of goods back to the Fathership to build different facilities to access cool new things. The inventory management is clunky but you can customize the guns you pick up.

I love airships and steampunk themes and the ability to move seamlessly between the airship and on-foot gameplay is super neat.

Fight Crab

Fighr Crab releases July 30th 2020.

Look, I expected nothing from this game but the concept was too weird to pass up a chance to try for free during the game festival. To my utter shock, the game was fun, like, really fun. You control a giant crab and you fight other giant crabs in an attempt to flip them over. The more damage a crab takes, the easier it is to flip.

The Crabs are kind of physics-based and feel more like mechs. The game recommends a gamepad so that is what I used. Each stick controlled one arm and I could punch, block, and grapple with my clawes. Tapping the directional pad makes your crab move in that direction automatically.

Initially, I thought the game was just mindless flailing, but the more I played the I learned there was a method to the madness, I could seamlessly perform jabs, uppercuts, and parries with certain movements. I could grapple another crabs leg and shift its weight. When the weapons came out, it really interesting.

Yes, weapons. You earn money to level up your crab and buy weapons, swords, guns, rocket fists, and or even new types of crab. This stupid game captures the fun of sword fighting better than actual sword fighting games. Blocking attacks can be as simple as slamming your weapon in front of or into the enemy crabs weapons. The movements are physics-based so combat moves are done almost seamlessly, no fancy button inputs.

I thought I was pretty set after I gave my crab a sword and shield. Then I discovered the claymore. A two-handed, or rather, a two clawed weapon where I had to control both arms to wield the blade. It was glorious. Whenever I see that meme about video games appealing to the male fantasy. I’m gonna remember this game.

The Captain Is Dead

The Captain is Dead is slated for release in 2020.

The Captain Is Dead is a turn-based strategy digital adaption of a board game. Remember when we could comfortably play those? Anyway, you control a crew of a space ship currently under attack by aliens where everything is going wrong.

It’s an interesting crisis management game. Each crew member has abilities and a few skills but can pick up new items and more expendable skills. The ship has a ton of system each crew member can utilize, assuming it’s functional. For example, the soldier might be able to spend some actions on a security terminal to dispatch alien boarders with a sentry turret.

Every turn something new goes wrong, a ship system may become damage, aliens may attack or an anomaly, like increased gravity, may activate. You have to plan ahead how you will handle each one. If your external scanners aren’t busted you can always see the next two alerts that are going to go off.

The tutorial was comedic and entertaining through a talented and amusing narrator and the demo gives you nice tastes of the game. I have no experience with the board game it’s based on. So I don’t know what the full game will entail compared to the demo, but I am certainly curious.

Space Crew

Space Crew is slated for release in Septemeber 2020.

Space Crew is similar to Bomber Crew which was made by the same developer, if you have played it you will be right at home here. You manage a space ship crew in real-time as they take on various missions.

The game festival demo offered a short tutorial and a single mission. You direct your crew around to different stations on the ship such as weapons, shields, security, and more while facing various dangers.

Crew members can also use special abilities such as the captain enacting evasive maneuvers or the security officer boosting shields. I was terrible at the game but I managed to survive, mostly. The ship has directional shielding you need to manage and you have to beware of fires, hazardous, and enemy boarders. It actually feels a lot like FTL, and that is a very good influence to have.

The demo felt very polished and like Bomber Crew the game felt fast-paced but tactical. The demo was just a tease and I’m looking forward to the full game where I have more control over my ship and crews customization.

Well, that is part 2 of my Steam Game Summer Adventure. I have at least one more of these in the works. If you haven’t already, check out Part 1 with five other demo recommendations or maybe my Kofi page?

Let me know what you think of any other demos you might have tried in the comments below. There are a lot of them and I have no hope of covering them all before the game festival ends. Untill next time!

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