10 Games Releasing In May 2020

Even though May 2020 doesn’t really have any big-name games releasing. There are still a shocking amount of good looking titles on the horizon. 10 is the magic number that folks seem to enjoy reading about but it was honestly difficult to choose which 10 to present when I was doing my research. As usual, I only chose games that have concrete release dates since those are the least likely to change after I publish this list.

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Wintermoor Tactics Club

Wintermoor Tactics Club releases to Steam on May 5th, 2020.

Wintermoor Tactics Club is a story focused game centered around nerds in high school. The game’s neat twist, however, is the turn-based combat seems to take place within the character’s tabletop games. Eventually, you seem to take on other rival tabletop clubs in combat as well.

It’s an interesting idea to combine the storytelling of a visual novel with a really thematic tactical combat system. As a Pathfinder Game master, I’m intrigued.

Population Zero

Population Zero releases into Steam early access on May 5th, 2020.

Population Zero is a multiplayer sandbox survival game in a similar vein to Ark or Rust but with a couple of significant differences. Firstly it is set on an alien planet. Secondly. It revolves around attempting to complete an objective within a 7-day session. You carry-over experience on your account into the next session.

This has the potential to completely circumvent a great many issues that PvP faces in these games. Primarily one set of players holding a server hostage from the others. If PvP isn’t your thing, Population Zero also looks to have a significant PvE presence.

Scrap Mechanic: Survival Mode

Scrap Mechanic is already in early access and is available on Steam and Humble Bundle. Its game-changing survival update arrives on May 7th, 2020.

I’m cheating a bit with this one. Scrap Mechanic is already available in early access and the new update is not its full release as far as I know. Yet it’s such a significant update it’s practically a new game. Scrap Mechanic has previously existed as a creative sandbox where you could create, rig, and drive all manner of vehicles.

With the survival update, you get to put those mechanics to work as you explore, fight, survive, and build a base. That base can come under the siege from hordes of robots that you have to fend off with weapons, traps, and defenses. It kind of reminds me of the game Fortnite was before Battle Royale devoured its soul, and without the loot boxes to boot!

Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is currently in early access and is available on Steam, Humble Bundle, and Xbox One. It’s full 1.0 release drops on May 13th, 2020.

Deep Rock Galactic is a fantastic cooperative shooting game that feels a bit like Left 4 Dead with alien bugs and space Dwarves. The game is extraordinary in the fact that it has never really felt incomplete despite being in early access, yet every update has been significant.

That feeling gets cemented very soon as the game truly exits early access. Deep Rock Galactic is highly replayable and the developers have chosen not to raise the price of the game at release. If you have been on the fence, there has never been a greater time to grow a dwarven beard and grab a pickax. Rock and stone to the bone!

Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor

Nimbatus is currently in early access and is available on Steam and Humble Bundle. Its full release is slated for May 14th, 2020.

Nimbatus is a clever game with a deep drone creation system using parts that are fully and physically simulated. You can put your ingenuity to test in the survival campaign, battle other players in a variety of modes. Or just chill out in sandbox mode.

Nimbatus is a very deep game that looks like it can demand the player’s investment, but that investment can pay off as your creation comes to life. I can hardly rig a rubber band gun so I’m not sure how good at Nimbatus I will be, but I love the look of it.

Total Tank Simulator

Total Tank Simulator releases to Steam and Humble Bundle on May 20th.

If like me, you played with little green soldiers as a child, then Total Tank Simulator aims to take your childhood imagination and hand it to you with a controller. You can set up massive World War 2 battles on fully destructible maps in a variety of modes and you can take control of any individual unit yourself at any time.

As a 31 one-year-old, clacking together toy soldiers while making explosion noises can make your significant other give you strange looks. So I definitely think there is a niche that Total Tank Simulator can fill.


Wildfire releases to Steam and Humble Bundle on May 26th, 2020.

Wildfire is a stealth game about using elemental powers and the environment to your advantage to trick, disable, or otherwise manipulate enemies. Your powers can interact with the world in a variety of ways such as freezing a lake and, of course, you can burn all the things.

The pixel art is attractive and it seems like there is a lot of room for emergent gameplay due to how the AI reacts to your powers. You can also play it in local co-op with a friend which is a thoughtful addition I didn’t expect in a game like this.

Age Of Wonders Planetfall: Invasions

Invasions is the newest expansion to Planetfall and arrives on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Paradox store on May 26th, 2020.

Age Of Wonders: Planetfall is a phenomenal 4X strategy game and it already received one solid expansion. Invasions is the next one in line and looks like it retains the same quality you would expect.

Invasions introduces a new lizardfolk race in the form of the Shakarn. A new campaign, world events, void bringer invasions, and…a mini faction of anthropomorphic animal space pirates… Look, I’ve learned that Paradox has a streak of humor they like to inject into otherwise serious games. Just..trust me, it works I swear!

Invasions is one of my most anticipated games currently and I implore any strategy game fan to check out Planetfall.


Haxity releases into Steam early access on May 26th, 2020.

Haxity is a cyberpunk-themed deck-building card game. The games draft, plan, and execute system looks to be fast-paced, tactical, and unique. You can play against AI or other people and this is a really big high point for me. There are no loot boxes, booster packs, or other nonsense.

I have nerd PSTD from my Magic The Gathering days where a single good card could cost over 100 dollars and you always needed more than one of them. A card game that lets me play against other people on level ground without scalping my wallet? Sign me up.

Rising Lords

Rising Lords enters into Steam early access on May 29th, 2020

I have followed Rising Lords for quite some time and it’s quite an ambitious game for a small indie team. It features deep tactical combat and grand strategy with card, and board game elements. It has heavy customization and can be played singleplayer or multiplayer.

Since I’ve personally followed the game, I can attest to the amount of passion that’s being poured into it. Plus I’m a sucker for card and board game-related mechanics.

Well, that’s my ten for this month. I did say it was hard to narrow it down so check out these bonus games too, they might tickle your fancy. A Lanterns Glow, Evil Cult, Atomicrops, and Arboria.

Seeing as I have to dumpster dive through a mess of asset flips and frickin hentai games via Steam’s eyeball aching “Upcoming List” in order find a lot of these games, you could really do me a solid by checking out my reviews, my previous month’s list, or by buying me a coffee via the below button.

If not, you still rock for making it this far. Stay safe and happy gaming.

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