April 2020

Fort Triumph Review: Physically Fine

Fort Triumph blends the strategical and exploration of Heroes Of Might And Magic with the turn-based tactical combat of the X-COM series. While it’s a more lightweight game than either of those, it’s held together by a unique physics-based system that permeates nearly every aspect of the combat.

Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition Review

Deep Sky Derelicts combines tactical card-based combat with free from procedural exploration, challenging difficulty and RPG elements. You create a team of three scavengers from several classes and use them to explore old space ship derelicts in search of scrap and data.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Early Access Review

It’s no secret that Bannerlord was my most anticipated game for years. I definitely had a moment of disbelief when it was finally downloading on my computer. That amount of hype can be a bad thing. I’ve set myself up for disappointment in the past (I’m looking at you Spore!). So did Bannerlord disappoint me? No, yes and no again.