An Update From Gideon’s Gaming

Hey folks, I don’t have any reviews or fancy game lists ready today, but I want to provide a small update anyway. The Pandemic is affecting everyone and everything. I’m fortunate enough to not be deeply impacted yet, but it’s still early. The nature of the situation has slowed me down however, simply due to priorities. My content, reviews, lists, and articles are still coming. Just a bit slower than normal.

I have reviews of Horizon’s Gate, The Pathfinder 2e Gamemastery Guide and more in the works. I will be writing about the next-gen consoles, but not until we have a price point. Mount and Blade 2 enters early access at the end of the Month and I’m super excited about that.

Video Games are a great weapon to have as we face social distancing and isolation, but finding the money to buy them is difficult for many. I’ve witnessed a lot of people, indie devs, and storefronts pull together to try and help. I’ve compiled a small list of them you might find helpful below.

Steam is having a games festival featuring a ton of free demos of upcoming indie games. It only lasts until March 23rd, but there is plenty of neat stuff to check out.

GoG is featuring a stay home catalog of free titles you can download.

Rune Heads, The developer of Fall of Light and Conglomerate451 has been working with other indie devs on a spreadsheet of donated game keys for people to utilize on twitter. They are first come first serve but the list seems to be updated often. has put together a catalog of free or heavily discounted titles you can play.

People are scared, and rightfully so. But there is a lot of misinformation, conspiracy theories and fear-mongering going on. Particularly on the Corona Virus subreddit that I’m not even going to link to because they don’t deserve the traffic.

The world is not ending and this isn’t the end of civilization. We will get through this. Make sure you are getting your information from reliable sources such as the WHO, CDC, and your local health departments and representatives. Not from doomers on the internet.

Stay safe and happy gaming!

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