January 2020

Mortal Glory Review: Gloriously Brutal

Mortal Glory is a turn-based game about gladiatorial combat. The graphics are simplistic but graceful with its old school charm. You recruit, upgrade, and outfit a group of gladiators to battle within the fiendish arena.

Kofi Quest: Alpha Mod Review

Kofi Quest: Alpha mod is a comedic game following the adventures of Kofi. Kofi is a low-level lazy video game character who shares a house with his equally pathetic friend, Slime. The inhabitants of Kofi Quest know they are in a video game and it features a lot of tongue in cheek humor that riffs on that theme.

Graywalkers: Purgatory Early Access Review

Graywalkers: Purgatory is a turn-based RPG set in a world where heaven and hell have brought their war to earth in an event called the rupture. You control a team of people chosen by divinity to fight back. These men and women are called Graywalkers.

Noita Early Access Review: Noita Bad Game

There used to be several flash games called falling sand. They weren’t true games, they were closer to toys but they were still a ton of fun. They were physics-based and usually simulated various powders, liquids and gases and their effects on each other. Wood would burn, water would put out fires but the heat would turn it to steam for exampl