8 Games you might have missed: Fourth quarter 2019

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The last quarter of every year is usually packed with big-name titles. But in between your Death Strandings, Outer Worlds and Call of Duty’s some legitimately interesting titles can fall to the wayside. I’ve compiled a list of 8 recent or upcoming games you may have missed!

#1: Citadel: Forged With Fire

Citadel Forged with fire is currently in Steam early access with the full release, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions coming November 1st.

Citadel is a multiplayer sandbox game in a similar vein to Ark, Rust and Conan. In it, you play as wizards and the entire game is focused on using magic. It features a neat spell crafting system, broomstick riding and beast taming. The whole game gives off, dare I say it? A Harry Potter meets Skyrim feeling. You can play in a variety of PvP and PvE servers and there is a lot to discover in the game!

It has been in early access for some time and has received substantial updates during that period. Its full and console release is coming November 1st. However, Citadel is actually having a free to play weekend on Steam right now!

#2: Worbital

Worbital is Available on Humble Bundle, Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Worbital is a game I have talked about quite a bit. It is a real-time artillery game similar to worms. However, instead of playing sarcastic invertebrates, you fight it out using weaponized planets spiraling through the chaos of space. It is physics-based and the planets are constantly in motion. You have to account for the gravitational pull of other celestial body’s when shooting at your enemy’s planets.

What makes Worbital so much fun is the wide array of crazy gadgets and weapons. You can deflect shots away with magnets, redirect asteroids or even derail yourself and ram another planet. Worbital release on Steam in January, but made it’s way to consoles on October 18th!

#3: Surviving The Aftermath

Surviving The Aftermath is currently in early access on the Epic games store and Xbox game preview.

Paradox Interactive made all kinds of announcements at PDXcon. However, Surviving The Aftermath dropped on to the Epic games store and Xbox game preview alongside its announcement trailer. Surviving The Aftermath is a colony simulation game where you attempt to build a sustainable colony in the aftermath of a world-ending disaster.

It is part city builder and part survival game as you need to carefully manage resources to keep your people alive. You are often presented with decisions in a manner similar to Frost Punk and you can send specialists to explore the world on a board game like overworld.

#4: Rise Of The Slime

Rise Of The Slime released into Steam early access October 24th.

Rise Of The Slime is a roguelike deckbuilding game with a cute cardboard visual design. It features a card battling system that will no doubt be compared to the excellent game, Slay the Spire. However, Rise of the Slime also factors in positional movement into its combat.

With over 100 cards, Rise of The Slime looks like a solid early access entry with plenty of room to grow. I’m a sucker for card games so it hits a soft spot with me!

#5: Feral Blue

Feral Blue entered Steam early access on October 22.

Feral Blue is an ambitious hybrid of genres. In a world of islands and floating cities you not only manage a ship and crew but may capture enemy cities or create your own.

Gold means nothing in Feral Blue giving it a theme of piracy survival. The trailer gives me vibes of Mount and Blade at sea. Early access is always a gamble, but this is worth keeping an eye on.

#6: Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship had a nice Steam early access run but just hit its full release on October 22. You can also pick it up on Humble Bundle!

Abandon Ship is another nautical-themed strategy and adventure game with a slight bit of eldritch touch. It has an oil painting visual style that looks nifty! You manage your ship and crew, taking on other ships and beasties in tactical combat.

If you lose your ship, have no fear, so long as your captain lives you may continue your run. Abandon Ship somewhat resembles FTL, in a fantasy pirate setting. That sounds like a great combination to me!

#7: Autonauts

Autonauts released on Steam and Humble Bundle October 17th

Autonauts is an interesting base building simulation game. Sure you gather resources, build structures and manage a colony. But the real kicker is the focus on automation. You build various robots to help you, and program them with a simple visual programming system.

You and your army of automatons need to farm, fish, cook build and more. The low polygon art style is super colorful, it really makes the whole thing pop!

#8: Nauticrawl

Nauticrawl release on Humble Bundle and Steam September 16th

Nauticrawl is a difficult turn-based exploration game, and one of the most unique ones I’ve seen. Playing the game involves learning to pilot the Nauticrawl contraption to explore and survive dangers.

The fun in Nauticrawl is the trial and error of learning to use the machine, experiment, push buttons and pull levers while learning to make the machine do what you want!

That about wraps it up! I sincerely hope you found at least one game on this list that piqued your interest! Are there any recent or upcoming games not on this list that you think are flying under the radar? let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Lonely Mountains: Downhill, on Steam, or the XBox Pass – is taking up all my time. The mountains are stunning to explore, finding new short-cuts and fast tracks is an organic and endlessly enjoyable process. The controls, physics have a great feel, and the unconventional view makes for a unique challenge.

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