PDXCon Game Announcement Recap!

Paradox Interactive let fly a ton of new game announcements at PDXCon. I’ve compiled a list of them together with their trailers and some of my thoughts.

Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings is a long-running and highly rated grand strategy series. Crusader Kings 3 will feature 3D character models more map detail than its predecessors. It boasts that you will be able to tell highly dramatic stories using the game’s systems. Crusader Kings 3 will release in 2020 on Steam and will be included in Xbox Game pass for PC.

The trailer shown at PDXcon is just a teaser. In the meantime, you can check out Crusader Kings 2 which is currently free to play on Steam. I’ve personally never played any of the Crusader Kings games, but I will definitely be keeping an eye of Crusader Kings 3 and I will have to give the second one a whirl!

Surviving The Aftermath

Surviving The Aftermath is a post-apocalyptic colony simulation and it most certainly has my attention. Watching the trailer gives me serious RimWorld vibes and I can’t get enough RimWorld. However, you are not bound by your colony in Surviving The Aftermath. You can send your survivors to explore the dangerous world around them.

Surviving The Aftermath just launched into early access on the Epic Games Store and Xbox One game preview. Future updates will include mechanics such as a diplomacy system. I’m always wary of early access, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to stop writing this article and go play it immediately. I cant wait to see how the game evolves.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Revelations Expansion

I am very happy to see a Planetfall expansion announced at PDXcon. Age of Wonders: Planetfall is one of my favorite game releases this year. Revelations will feature new campaign missions but also a huge host of additions throughout the game. There is a new secret tech called Heritor to drain the essence of your enemies. They also added a new NPC faction called the Forgotten and new threats such as robotic assassins, and genetically engineered wildlife.

Revelations will launch on November 19th on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and is included in the season pass for each platform respectfully.

BattleTech: Heavy Metal Expansion

A new expansion to the excellent BattleTech game. Heavy Metal will add eight new mechs, eight new weapon systems and a new mini flashpoint campaign. BattleTech is a great turn-based tactics game and I’m excited for any additions to it. Heavy Metal will release on November 21st.

In the meantime, if you haven’t had a chance to dip your toes into BattleTech. Paradox Interactive is currently having a massive sale on their own store in the Paradox Plaza.

Stellaris Federation Expansion

Two additions to Stellaris were unveiled at PDXcon. The Federation Expansion above and the Lithoids Species pack. It includes a race of Sapient rocks with a new mechanic to accompany them. Federations, however, expanded diplomacy, origins and new construction to the already deep 4X game.

Federations is slated for later this year while the Lithoid Species pack will be available on October 24th.

Prison Architect – Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition Expansion

Psych ward will expand on the popular prison simulation with the criminally insane, shrinks and more. It releases November 21st but they didn’t stop there! They also teased a future Prison Architect expansion coming in 2020.

Psych Ward had already been available to consoles, but when it launches on PC it comes with additional content not available in the original release. Console versions will get this content as a free update.

PDXcon really laid it on us. I’m most excited about Surviving The AfterMath and Revelations. What about you?

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