Worbital released to Steam and Humble Bundle back in January. Today it releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The Humble Bundle link is a referral link and I get a small commission if you purchase the game through it.

When Worbital first released to PC, it was not a game I received a review copy of. It went under my radar and I picked it up on impulse and ended up loving it. I reviewed the game anyway and gave it a 10 of 10. Team Jolly Roger was kind enough to gift me with an Xbox One copy of the game before its console launch.

Today I introduce a new video series where I revisit some of my favorite games that I have reviewed and tell you why I think you should play them. Today, it’s all about Worbital. I’ve included an audio-only version of the video and of course, I’ve put my thoughts in written form in this article.

Worbitals Console Release And Why You Should Play It: Video

Worbitals Console Release And Why You Should Play it: Audio Only.

Console Version

Worbitals console version is nearly identical to the PC version. My review of the PC version is completely relevant to the console version and I recommend you check it out if you haven’t already. The biggest difference is the control scheme. Thankfully Worbital works great on controllers. I had no trouble adapting to it, despite having put in hours upon hours of Worbital with a keyboard and mouse.

I got my partner to play with me and she doesn’t play video games nearly as much as I do. She was able to learn the controls within a couple of matches and even managed to beat me several times. The framerate stayed solid almost the entire time. It dropped a bit when one particular frost weapon was used but was otherwise stable and I encountered no bugs during my time with the Xbox One version of the game.

Worbitals 10 out of 10: What does it mean.

I gave Worbital a 10 out of 10 because the game is a very cohesive package. Every game has the goal of entertaining the player and different games try to accomplish this in different ways. Worbital does this through chaotic but smart artillery game-play and it nails this core concept down almost perfectly.

As a game critic, I can’t find many negatives to point out in Worbital, that’s very rare. It looks good, sounds good and its mechanics work well. It’s stable and most importantly it is fun to play. Worbital has a ton of content between its campaign, free matches, online play and wide arsenal of weapons and gadgets. It doesn’t feature any micro-transactions and the game is cheap to boot!

Worbitals console Laser

Now does the 10 out of 10 mean it is objectively better than games like God Of War? No. Mostly because you shouldn’t be comparing them. They play nothing alike, they cost nowhere near the same and they in no way have the same design goals. If you want to compare Worbital to another game, compare it to the Worms franchise.

The 10 out of 10 simply means that I think Worbital is a stellar game. Period.

What makes it so great?

Worbital features a campaign, customizable local matches and online multiplayer. It has difficulty settings for the AI and the AI holds up incredibly well. It can use the vast arsenal of gadgets effectively and pose a challenge to you.

Did I mention the arsenal is huge? Because it is and how they all form together is one of the things that makes Worbital so great. Your goal is to blow up your enemies’ planet while protecting your own. You set up your load out before entering a match then battle it out.

Worbitals console ram

Both the player’s planet and unoccupied planets spiral through space orbiting a sun in a solar system. Your planet also slowly rotates. You earn credits passively over time and actively by hitting asteroids and unoccupied planets.

You use these credits to build weapons and defenses on your own planet. It is fast-paced and chaotic but also smart. Each game is a mental chess match between you and the other players. You don’t simply shoot at each other. You make intelligent attacks and actively try to counter what is thrown at you.

Everything is physics-based and is affected by the gravitational pull of the other celestial bodies. You can shoot down some projectiles outright. You can use shields to block others. Get creative and you can use magnets to repel and attract projectiles and asteroids away from you.

Worbitals console Load out

The longer the match continues, the higher tier gear you can access and then things can really get insane. You can use a weapon that redirects asteroids. Or you can make a mini black hole that attracts objects in its direction. You can swap orbits with another planet or colonize new ones to build on.

Some weapons can derail planets, including your own. A derailed planet stops orbiting and flows freely through space. You can use certain weapons to propel yourself in the desired direction. Firing a machine gun, for example, will push you the opposite way it was fired.

Being derailed is dangerous, but if you’re feeling gutsy you can turn it into an advantage. You can build a spike and ram another planet with yours. Yes, it is insane, and yes, it is incredibly fun. You can use an orbit stabilizer to derail yourself and re-orbit yourself later. That can be handy if you have powerful short-range weapons but the other planets are too far away.

Worbital asteroids

You could derail yourself and purposely launch your planet to its doom, only to hit an enemy planet with an orbit swamp at the last second. Swapping places with them. The amount of variety, combos, and strategies is insane and every match plays out differently.

Worbital doesn’t feature an award-winning story or details such as shrinking horse testicles. It is, however, an incredibly entertaining game, and that’s really what’s important.

It is already available on Steam alongside a free demo. By the time this article is published it should be available on consoles. They are also having a free weekend on Steam to celebrate Worbitals console release. The game is cheap and one hundred percent worth the money.

As for me, I will be playing on launch day October 18th and Saturday October 19th around 1:00 PM est on the Xbox One! Come and play with me!

A copy of the game for Xbox One was provided for Gideon’s Gaming by Team Jolly Roger for Worbitals console release!

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