Classic Games I’d Love To See Again.

While we have witnessed a lot of remakes, remasters and even sequels to games a decade old. There are still some gems that are close to my heart that are lost to me. Here are some classic games that I’d love to either see remakes or remasters of, or even a sequel on new hardware.

Monster Rancher

Classic games, monster breeding sim

Monster Rancher was a creature raising game like Pokémon, but it was more of a simulation than an RPG. It had games on the PlayStation 1 and 2 and is one of my favorite series of all time. You raised and cared for monsters by feeding them and training them. Then you could take them to battle in tournaments. Monster Rancher had a unique mechanic where you actually obtained monsters from CDs you owned in real life by swapping the disc. You could then freeze and combine monsters to make hybrids!

It was a lot of fun to dig through old CDs to see which monsters were contained within them. You had a closer relationship with your monster than in other creature games. They could even grow old and die. It was recently announced that the original Monster Rancher is getting a re-release in Japan. I’m very curious how the disc swapping mechanic would work today. Here is hoping it also gets released in the West! The classic games did have a niche following here, so its possible.

Jade Cocoon

Classic Games, RPG

Jade Cocoon was another classic monster raising game on the PlayStation 1. This one was a turn based RPG where you took the role of a character named Levant. You would capture, purify and combine monsters to help you on your journey. It had a lot of storytelling for its time, despite the main game being a little short for an RPG. It featured a sort of endless mode after the main game was finished. Something not many other games of that time had done.

Jade Cocoon eventfully got a sequel on the PlayStation 2. But it lost a lot of it’s personality, opting to follow Pokémon a bit closer. Even if it followed more modern standards, I’d love to see a sequel today.

Legend Of Mana

Classic games, side scroller

Legend Of Mana is a classic side scrolling role playing game that released on the PlayStation 1. It featured high action real time combat with numerous battle skills and magic you could use.

What really struck me was the variety of things you could optionally do. Any NPC companion that tagged along with you could be played by a second player in co-op. You could find monster eggs, hatch them and take them with you. You could blacksmith your own gear and even build golems. Robot like creatures that you literally programmed with a logic block grid to determine how they fought alongside you. Other classic and new Mana games exist, but they don’t hold a candle to this one.

Dino Crisis 2

I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to horror games, but I also love dinosaurs. This caused me to have a love hate relationship with the first Dino Crisis. It was basically resident evil, but dinosaurs instead of zombies.

However Dino Crisis 2, while still scary was much more action paced. I played and replayed it several times. It controlled with the classic resident evil tank controls. It had several absurd puzzles. But it was a ton of fun and for its time, the story wasn’t half bad either.

Looking at how resident evil has evolved over the years. I’m constantly eager to hear of a new Dino Crisis with a new third person perspective. I’m always disappointed that the announcement never comes. With two Jurassic World movies I had hoped they were in fashion enough for Capcom to make a sequel, I will just keep hoping!


While not so much a classic as other games in this list. Spore taught me a lot about hype. I’ve never been as excited for a game as I was for Spore and I never will be again. I followed it through years of delays and was bitterly disappointed when I got it. Some of that is on Maxis and EA. The game is pretty shallow and it could have been so much more. But most of that is on myself, and my unchecked expectations.

Spore is a game about evolution, you start as a cell creature and evolve on to land eventually forming a tribe, than a civilization before taking to space. Each phase was like a different game and each game was shallow.

That said Spore isn’t a bad game. It did a lot of cool things, its creature creator is to this day one of the coolest features in a game. I love looking at the crazy stuff people have made and I still play Spore every now and then. However, I’d love to see a Spore 2.

A game that takes the framework of Spore and makes it into something truly great!

So what games do you think need sequels or remakes? Let me know in the comments! If you missed it, you might wanna check out some games you may have missed for July/August.

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