Five Games you may have missed July/August 2019

The summer months are traditionally a slower period of game releases. I think that makes it a great time to keep an eye out for hidden gems. I believe I have found five such games. Look them over, who knows, you might find the perfect game to distract you from the summer heat!

However if you are particularly fond of indie games and want a really good source to help you keep up on recent and upcoming releases. I highly recommend following the Gazette Of Independent Gaming News on twitter. They are generally on the ball with indie game goodness and feature highlights every week.

Note: If you purchase any games through the humble bundle links I get a small commission, they are referral links.

Tidal Tribe

Tidal Tribe is a simulation God game where you redirect tidal waves to form rivers and lakes. By doing this you grow plants to help satisfy the needs of your villagers. I wrote a review of the game last week. It’s a relaxing experience with some deep complexity under its shell. You can pick it up on Steam or Humble Bundle for $14.99

Professor Lupo and His Horrible Pets

Professor Lupo is a narrative puzzle game where you need to try and escape a space station overrun with a variety of dangerous critters. The aliens have distinct behaviors for you to study and learn. It is available on Steam, Humble Bundle and Nintendo Switch for $14.99 and features a demo on Steam.


Automachef is an intense puzzle and simulation game where you plan and build an automated kitchen. You can use a type of coding or an in game visual editor to program your contraptions to do what you want. It is available on Steam, Humble Bundle and Nintendo Switch for $14.99. You can download and try out a demo on Steam!

Remnant: From The Ashes

Despite its showing at E3, I think Remnant is slipping under the radar, relatively speaking. It is a third person shooter with procedurally generated levels, online co-op and a focus on scavenging and upgrading your gear while taking down hideous monsters. It releases on August 20th on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $39.99.

Nowhere Prophet

Nowhere Prophet is a challenging deck builder with card based combat and permadeath. It’s in the same vein as Slay the Spire but has enough unique features to stand on its own two feet. You can find it on Steam for $24.99.

Hopefully you discovered something intriguing in that list. Happy gaming!

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