7 Steam Summer Sale Games You Should Pick Up!

Steam sales can be overwhelming due to the sheer amount of choices available, some games can also easily fly under the radar just because so many of them are on sale. Let me help you narrow it down some, and maybe find something you either weren’t aware of or didn’t realize was on sale!

#1 CryoFall: $19.99 Normally, $15.99 on sale.

Cryofall is a 2D survival sandbox in a vein similar to Rust and Ark. It runs on a custom engine called Reneki with hundreds of players at once. You have to survive, craft, farm, and fight wild creatures and other players and it offers PvP and PvE modes. Players are able to specialize, making it so all players have something to offer one another. It features coin minting and vending machines for player trade and is updated frequently. It is an early access title, however, but the developers are active and they have an in-depth road map. It’s pretty unique as far as survival sandbox games go.

#2 Worbital: $19.99 Normally, $9.99 on sale.

Worbital is the only game thus far I have given a 10 out of 10 score. This doesn’t mean its perfect, but it is nearly flawless for the type of game it intended to be. Which is Worms in space, except the worms are planets on an orbit line. You can battle online multiplayer, in skirmish versus AI or in a single player campaign with one of three factions. Each has some unique weapons and gadgets and they are a blast to use. You can reflect shots with magnets, form a volcano on someone’s planet, or even derail the planet and send it floating freely through space. You can even derail your own planet and use it to ram another planet! It is a crazy amount of fun.

#3 Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes: $24.99 Normally, $12.49 on sale.

Fallen Enchantress is a single player 4X game in the same vein as civilization and it is one of my favorites. You run and manage a fantasy kingdom on an overhead map, but battles take place on a grid in tactical turn-based combat. You can customize your units and your heroes and you can even build your own factions or heroes for use with an in-game editor. It’s an older title, but a good one. There is also a wide variety of spells in the game that can be used in combat or on the overhead map. Much like Worbital, it is a steal right now being half off.

#4 Kaiju-A-GoGo: $9.99 Regularly, $4.99 on sale.

Kaiju is a game that is hard to define in a genre. You play a mad scientist who has engineered one of three giant monsters that you control and wreck city’s, striving for world domination. You build a base, collect resources and buy upgrades for your Kaiju. You then attack various cities attempting to deal enough damage to force them to submit to you. The military will, of course, attempt to stop you. It’s actually a lot of fun stomping around the city spaces, crushing tanks and swatting aircraft like flies. It can be a bit grindy, but it is still a lot of fun. It’s a unique game and easily worth the price of a fast food meal.

#5 Middle Earth Shadow Of War: $49.99 Regularly, $24.99 on sale.

One of my top games of 2017. Shadow Of War is a sequel to Shadow of Mordor and is one of the most fun open world games I’ve ever played. The updated nemesis system is brilliant and the combat is tactical and smooth. A post-launch update added additional difficulty settings for a greater challenge.

Sieges and managing your converted orcs is a lot of fun and on higher difficulties. Planning your attacks on high-level uruks is essential. There was a  lot of controversy about the game’s microtransactions at launch. In my opinion, it was overblown, I never encountered any seemingly extra grind to poke me into buying stuff with real money. I ignored them all game with zero detriments to my enjoyment. The developers have since removed microtransactions from the game, so it isn’t relevant now anyway.

#6 The Flame In The Flood: $14.99 Regularly, $4.49 on sale.

It is a survival game based around a massive flood where you have no home base to find safety in. You travel on a raft with a dog companion as you scavenge locations for supplies and warm, dry places to sleep. It’s an interesting take on the genre as you never have the solace of a home base. You are always on the move looking for the next bite of food, medical item or place to rest or cook. At locations you will need to hunt using traps and your wits as wolves, boars and bears can hurt you easily. While traveling on the raft you must avoid colliding with objects in the flooded waters.  The game also features a really catchy soundtrack.

#7 RavenField: $14.99 Regularly, $10.04 on sale.

Do you remember the old days of playing first-person shooters with bots? Ravenfield is an early access title that takes that concept and runs away with it screaming. Imagine a purely single player battlefield game in massive battles with AI controlled enemies and allies. Oh, and they have ragdoll physics. The amount of bots in each match is only limited by what your computer can handle.

It’s easy to pick up, crazy and even kinda tactical. You can pilot vehicles, and so can the bots. Its purely single player and is developed with that in mind. It is mod friendly and the developers are still active with the updates.

Well, I hope I helped you find something you like, not that your wallet deserved any more abuse, Steam sales are killer. On a personal note, I’m thinking of picking up some DLC for Warhammer Total War. Or I might just buy Warhammer Total War 2 as it is 50% off. Divinity Original Sin 2 is also on sale and I still need that….okay, I might need a list for myself now…

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