10 Games you might have missed April/May 2019

2019 has had a wonderful start in gaming with quite a few heavy hitters such as The Division 2, Mortal Kombat, Kingdom Hearts 3 and much more, and that’s great! However, in the midst of the big dogs, it’s not uncommon for many potentially great games to get lost in the commotion, don’t panic! I’ve got your back! Here are ten such games that have been released recently or will shortly.

#1) Rise Of Industry

Imagine SimCity, but instead of a mayor, you play the head of an industrial corporation. Rise Of Industry is a management simulation game where you have to focus on various aspects of industry, such as trading and production on procedurally generated maps.

Many simulation games tend to have a passive breaking point, where once you are up and running you have very little to do but watch. Rise Of Industry boasts that you will need to continually adapt to an ever-evolving business climate to stay ahead of the competition. Rise Of Industry released May 2nd on Steam, and GoG for $29.99. It also features a demo on steam!

#2) For The King

For The King came to steam in April of last year but is making its console debut shortly. It Combines roguelike elements with a board game like hex grid for the overworld and classic JRPG combat. Shockingly the game can be played solo, locally or in online co-op and the console editions launch with all existing expansion content. The animations stand out to me in the trailer as being particularly smooth and the combination of genres sounds great

For The King is Currently Available on Steam for $19.99 and PlayStation 4 for $24.99. It’s coming to Nintendo Switch May 9th and Xbox One May 10th.

#3) Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark

Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark wears its inspiration on its sleeve resembling, in my opinion, one of the greatest tactical RPGs to ever exist; Final Fantasy Tactics. In that same vein, it boasts very tactical grid-based combat and an in-depth, complex class system. Final Fantasy Tactics has forever left a hole in my heart that not even the tactics advance titles could fill. Heres hoping its a perfectly shaped Fell Seal sized gap.

Fell Seal Arbiters mark released on April 30th On Steam, GoG, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $29.99.

#4) Mushroom Crusher

Mushroom Crusher Extreme is an isometric action game with a fantastic looking modern retro art style. It is playable in local or online co-op where you battle enemies in handcrafted levels with a variety of elemental spells. Combo effects seem to be a selling point of its combat and it really invokes that nostalgic feeling without looking dated.

Mushroom Crusher extreme is currently in Steam early access for $7.99, but its full release is May 10th!

#5) Eden Rising

Eden Rising is an interesting strategic, third-person action game with elements of tower defense. You explore, fight, craft and have to defend your base from all manner of beasties. You can play it solo or online. It is currently in Steam Early access with its full releasing coming May 17th. I’ll have a review of Eden Rising published alongside its full release, so stay tuned! Interestingly, the full release will also have a free to play component so check it out!

If you can’t wait, you can pick it up now on Steam for $14.99

#6) Deep Rock Galactics; Horror Of Hoxxes Update

I’m cheating a little bit with this one. Deep Rock Galactic has been in early access for quite awhile. However, it recently had an update that expanded its roster of baddies which is precisely what the game needed. If you don’t know, Deep Rock is a fantastic cooperative shooting game in a similar vein as Left 4 Dead, but with insects instead of zombies. It’s one of few early access titles that effectively feels like a full game. I have a detailed early access look if you want to learn more about it.

Deep Rock Galactic is currently in Steam Early access and Xbox game preview for $29.99.

#7) Fade To Silence

Fade To Silence is an open world survival game with a heavy touch of Lovecraft that can be played solo or in co-op. It’s an unforgiving game where you need to brave the harsh environment and eldritch horrors while surviving and recruiting followers to your cause. It had an early access run but recently met its full release alongside its console debut.

Fade to Silence is available on Steam for $39.99, or on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $49.99.

#8) Mordhau

Mordhau is a medieval action game featuring 64 players online battles. You can engage in a variety of combat functions such as cavalry charges and archery and it does feature offline play in the form of a horde mode. You get to customize your character and choose from a large arsenal of middle-ages weaponry. I haven’t had a chance to play it myself but the combat looks fantastic.

Mordhau is available on Steam for $29.99

#9) Forager

Forager is a cute game about well … foraging. You can use your foraged goods to build, farm, and adventure around in a variety of biomes. How you play is up to you. It’s a neat sandbox where you forge your own goals. It takes inspiration from some other farming sims and even a bit of Zelda.

Forager is available on Steam and GoG for $19.99 and is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

#10) Deck Of Ashes

Deck Of Ashes is a deck building card game in a similar vein to Slay The Spire. It has a couple of survival elements and features permadeath as well as a camp you need to upgrade. It has a darker and somewhat depressing theme and art style.

Deck Of Ashes is currently in Steam early access for $14.99


Well, I hope to have shown you at least one game you missed and might be interested in.  If you know of a game I missed and think it deserves attention, please share it in the comments below. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

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