I stopped working on my own tabletop system for now, so my RPG group and I converted over to DnD 5e. My system had a concept known as martial powers that DnD doesn’t have and my players really liked that aspect of it. So I homebrewed and converted them over.

I feel like it is a waste of time if I create something and don’t provide it for other folks to use if they want, so boom, feel free to use them. It gives martial classes a bit more to do. Basically, Monks, Fighters, Barbarians, Rogues and Rangers get actions points equal to half their level rounded up. They start with a few martial powers and can obtain more as they rise in levels.

They can spend an action point to use a martial power. They regain action points during a short and long rest. For the sake of features like an extra attack. martial powers count as an attack action if they allow you to attack. I’ve also provided a related feat and some small multiclassing rules regarding the system. They are probably not 100% balanced but they are a lot of fun. You can expect to find more home-brewed content from me in the future.

The PDF is Below. Enjoy. Feel free to donate or check out my patreon but don’t feel obligated. Its stuff I would have made for personal use, I just decided to share it. I used the Home Brewery to make it snazzy looking, it is a great resource, I highly recommend it.

Martial Powers PDF

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