You might not know this, but I’ve been a huge tabletop gamer for over a decade. Years ago I even ran DnD games as an official in-store dungeon master.

Over a year and a half ago I began work on a homebrew tabletop role-playing game called Gun Runners. I made the system, mechanics and even the setting. It was an instant hit when I introduced it to my gaming group. The setting and theme were that of a Mad Max style planet. Lots of vehicular combat, crazy classes, and psycho factions.

After several sessions, my group expressed interest in playing the same game. In a high fantasy world instead. It’s not exactly simple to just switch a system like that. Yet I did, I rebuilt the system from the ground up to fit a high fantasy game. Though I did not make a setting for it, that’s a lot of extra effort. I haven’t named this new fantasy version yet. It’s what we’re playing now though, using the wonderful Dungeons and Dragons setting of Eberron as a base.

I’m technically working on both, Gun Runners and the fantasy spin-off. Any energy I put into a tabletop game, for the time being at least, is spent on the fantasy spin-off as that’s the one we are playing. At some point, I’ll finish either or both and put them online for a buck or two, or perhaps for free with donations.

Whenever I want to talk about the game system itself, it will appear as a normal article just like this one. However, I want to talk for a second about something you may have been seeing at the bottom of articles lately.

I took the ads off my site, they were bothersome even to me. I’ve always believed if I could provide information, insight, reviews, and entertainment to people that I wouldn’t need ad revenue, I still believe that now. I leave a donation button at the bottom of my articles for anyone that wants to toss in a noncommittal dollar. But I’ve also had a Patreon since the inception of the site.

Its been largely unsuccessful but I totally understand why. People want something special in return for being a patron. I have been able to provide very little to them in that regard. Early access to articles or patron only reviews doesn’t work for a website like mine. So starting today, I’m going to be creating small audio files of myself detailing the shenanigans of my weekly RPG sessions exclusive to patrons. I’m no voice actor, and my mic is low quality. But I’m having fun with it anyway. The first one is actually already live on my Patreon.

I do so much writing, it’s nice to toy with another medium. So if you’re interested, check it out. All patrons get access to the audio logs no matter how much they throw in. I can’t promise a persistent schedule, we try to play weekly, but life gets in the way sometimes. I’ll post them as often as I can.

Don’t feel pressured to donate or become a patron, however. Simply reading what I write is a huge boon to me, especially if you like it enough to share it with others.

Thank you so much for reading. Have a great day!


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