Six Games Under Your Radar (Maybe)

Heya Folks! I don’t have a review ready for this weekend but I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback about bringing attention to games that people may have otherwise missed. So that’s what I’m going try to do today.

First up I found a Kickstarter project to talk about, which is surprising even to me. I don’t tend to mess with Kickstarter projects too often. Don’t get me wrong, just like early access it can be a great tool. But it is risky and you really have to do your research!

#1: A Horde Too Many Kick Starter

A Horde Too Many is a side-scrolling survival/ zombie/ base building, mash-up of genres. There is a free demo you can download right on the front of its Kickstarter page that showcases the combat. I played it and I’ll be honest, I want more.

You control four characters at once and can switch between them with the tab key. Each one has their own signature weapon and a skill you can activate. The other three will shoot zombies on their own alongside you. The demo showcased several of the characters, some small tower defense, and a boss fight. It was intriguing, as a small taste should be.

The full game claims to have base building and defenses, crafting and a lot more of what you would expect from the blend of genres. This one is a ways off of its goal and I’d like to see it succeed. One of the most interesting aspects of this Kickstarter is one of the rewards they offer.

If you back it at the second tier up, you get a digital version of a card game based on A Horde Too Many. Immediately. How many Kickstarter projects give you something tangible upfront? Not to mention how super nifty the card game looks.

This tells me that the developers are serious about separating themselves from the stigma of unreliable Kickstarter projects that have made people like me wary of them. I should note that deeper tiers even have a physical version of the card game too!

Give it a look and check out the demo!

Next up is #2: Bow To Blood: Last Captain Standing

Bow To Blood Last Captain Standing just released April 3rd and I actually reviewed it already. But this game about AirShips probably still flew (Zing!) under the radar of many.

Its concept is based around being on a reality TV show, complete with contestants voting each other off the metaphorical island. The flying and controls are fun, but its theme really sold me. You make alliances with some contestants to win their support and you make enemies of others. It nails that reality show feeling.

Two playthroughs don’t play out exactly the same. It can be a bit shallow but its still a lot of fun. It’s available on Steam, Oculus and all major consoles

#3: We have PS4 exclusive Earth Defense Force Iron Rain.

Earth Defense Force games are incredibly cheesy to the point of being a cringe-fest. Yet they are also usually very fun to play. I really enjoyed Earth Defense Force 5 and Iron Rain looks to raise the scale quite a bit…and the cheese along with it.

Apparently, Iron Rain is implementing some changes to appeal more to western audiences. I’ve seen such attempts end up being terrible in the past. So far, however, Earth Defense Force Iron Rain looks like its staying true to its identity. I’m excited to see what those changes are. It releases on PlayStation 4 on April 11th!

#4: Is a retro shoot em up releasing today! (Friday, April 5th) Bugs Must Die!

For several weeks I’ve been dealing with an ant infestation problem in my house. So right off the bat, I feel like I’m kindred spirits with the title of the game. It’s easy to look down on retro-inspired visuals but if you watch the video, I think you might agree that the presentation is both charming and attractive.

It promises different levels of challenge so everyone gets the kind of game experience they want, two characters and three vehicles to play in bullet hell goodness…and apparently, the bosses are….wait, what?

Let me double check this.

They are parodies of east-west coast culture icons…okay then, not what I was expecting…

To be honest, I’m not sure how to relate that to my ant problem, but it sure sounds interesting! It’s available on Steam!

#5: If you can get past the fake and kinda lame voice over of the trailer. Cryofall might be able to scratch that survival itch.

Cryofall just released into early access and is kinda like a 2D rust. Survival games, in general, are one of my favorite genres. Ark is my guilty pleasure, but I’m well aware of the massive pitfalls these games have had in the past and I’m wondering how Cryofall handles them. I personally haven’t jumped in yet. Have you? Please let me know in the comments below!

That said the developer is pretty transparent and put out a nicely detailed guide about the features of the game here.

#6: Finally, we have this adorable city builder called Islanders.

If I am being honest Islanders isn’t my type of game at all. It’s more of a puzzle game really and those just aren’t my cup of chocolate milk. But there’s something eye-popping about its minimalism and visual style.

Transparency seems to be the word of the day today as this developer is also is very clear about what the game is and what it is not. It may not be for me, but I wanted to showcase it anyway. It came out yesterday and is only five dollars on Steam!

Welp, that’s it. I’d better get back to working on my reviews. I hope I was able to show some of you something new or a game you might like. It’s been a busy year and even games like Iron Rain can slip past ya.

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