Volcanoids Steam Punk Spelunking

Volcanoids is an interesting concept, at a glance, it looks like a survival game, yet you won’t find any hunger or thirst bars here. If you die, you reload a save. Instead, it’s very much a progressive crafting game with a wonderful steampunk flavor, something I’d like to see more of in games.

Aeon Of Sands Review: Retro Dungeon Crawling

I’ve never played a game like Aeon Of Sand. I’m am aware of the existence of the genre but never personally tried one. It’s best described as a choose your own adventure storybook, except you get to do some dungeon crawling as well. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into Aeon Of Sand, and I struggled at first, not with the game, but with my inexperience at playing this type of game. Once I found my sea…uh….sand legs. I could appreciate the appeal, however.

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I’m running a little late on my reviews, nothing is wrong, it just happens sometimes, but there is generally always some mish-mash of subjects I can write about to stay on track and hopefully inform or entertain you fine folks, so here we are. Today I have a variety of topics ranging from tabletop games, a couple of important news bits and controversy regarding my State Of Decay 2 Review.