I really enjoy when people make updated reviews like this. Sometimes I miss a game I’m really interested in. By the time I start looking, it was a ton of DLC and I like playing with the complete package. So reviews factoring all of that in are great. Check out this lengthy review of Stellaris by the4Xplorer.

The 4Xplorer

My Stellaris Review of 2.2 and All Available DLC

I’ve never taken the time to write my comprehensive thoughts on Stellaris since its May 9th, 2016 release date. It was one of the last reviews I was involved with before I left eXplorminate, but I admittedly got caught up in the “newness” of the game and was, at the time, 100% in support of the “eXemplary” rating it got over there.

Of course, I did crush like 60 hours of the game in a week, which is extraordinary, considering my schedule, real-life obligations, and attention span, and that may have led to some distorted ideas as to how the game really was. However, Stellaris felt exciting and different, which led me to buy into all its hype.

That being said, once the shininess wore off, I soon saw the flaws and serious design issues (IMHO), and I became a rather…

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