Genesis Alpha One Review: Epic But Rough Gameplay

The scale and variety of gameplay systems weaved inside of Genesis Alpha One is quite an undertaking for an indie game. It hits some serious high notes with me. Upfront, it is a game designed almost entirely to my own personal tastes. It is a roguelike with a deep layer of strategy and both, crafting and resource gathering play a central role in the game. At the same time, I feel like a lot of its potential is squandered over a couple of seriously head-scratching limitations. Strap on your space suits and buckle up, were about to get lost in space.

FarCry New Dawn or New Dud?

FarCry New Dawn has me intrigued. I really enjoyed the gameplay of FarCry 5, in particular, the guns for hire system really stood out to me. I enjoy having companions in games, it makes the experience feel less lonely, and a couple of heroes taking on a big threat feels less immersion breaking than a one-man army, at least in most settings.

Slay the Spire Review: The Heart Of The Cards

Slay The Spire is a challenging and highly replayable rogue-like. You play as one of three characters attempting to scale a 51 level spire. Each floor has an encounter for you to interact with, whether that’s battling a creature, dealing with a random event or visiting a merchant. Each stage of the spire has a challenging boss battle. If you die, you start over from the beginning. But Its rare for any two playthroughs to feel alike.

Early Access Look: Meeple Station

Meeple Station shares some similarities with RimWorld, which got my attention straight away. But Meeple Station is not a clone by any stretch of the imagination. You manage a station of Meeples, attempting to rein in as much profit as possible while keeping the crew happy and alive. Neither of which is easy to do.

Chrono Ghost Time To Die: Platforming To Death.

Often times when I see someone describe a game as difficult, I tend to roll my eyes. One of my biggest gripes with gaming today is how easy and dumbed down many titles tend to be. Many of those games don’t even give me an option to change the difficulty. So when I saw people describe Chrono Ghost as very difficult, I was skeptical. Well, two hours into the game I had died 507 times (The game keeps track) consider me thoroughly humbled.

Hive Jump Bang For Your Bug?

Often times when I’m reviewing a game with a retro style, you will often see me comment that the game has a retro look with a modern feel or some other relevant kind of metaphor. Not this time though. Hive Jump is a purebred retro game plain and simple. It would have fit perfectly on the Super Nintendo back in the day.

Warp Glider: Great Arcade Fun.

Warp Glider is an arcade game in its purest form. A simple concept that has a well-executed design which is addictive and fun to play. You control a glide craft and the goal is to collect as much energy as possible while avoiding obstacles such as meteors, black holes and a wide variety of enemy ships known as bandits. The more energy you collect in a single run, the more the game throws at you. If you crash and die, you start over in a true arcade fashion. No coins required though!