Gideon’s End of the Year 2018 Lists

2018 is almost over so its just about time to bring out the wine, party poppers, and pointy hats to celebrate the start of the new year. It’s also about that time when every single video game reviewer and blogger on the face of the planet makes a fancy list of their favorite games and biggest disappointments. Then proceeds to spam your social media with them!

Sundered Eldritch Edition Review: Lovely Lovecraftian

Sundered is a Metroidvania game with a strong Lovecraft influence with its visuals and references. If you are familiar with other products influenced by Lovecraft you will notice references to things like Nyarlathotep or Atlach Nacha. I myself have never read any of his work, but I fancy some board games and tabletop RPGs that have spawned from it. So despite not being an actual fan, even I appreciate the nods to the Elder Gods of that universe in Sundered.

Earth Defense Force 5 Review: Epic Cheese!

Many years ago I played a game titled Earth Defense Force 2017. For its time, it had low-quality graphics, cheesy dialogue, a silly story, and it was an insane amount of fun to play. Now in 2018, I’ve got my hands on Earth Defense Force 5 and…well..not much has changed. Its graphics are still mostly poor. Its dialogue is over the top and cheesy and its story went past movie theaters and DVD and landed straight on the Sy Fy channel. But in spite of all of that, it’s a damn fun game to play

Early Access Look: Moss Destruction

Aside from having a super cool company name, Shotgun With Glitters put Moss Destruction into early access back in September of 2018 and has been continually updating it ever since. Seriously though, that name. I went and chose Gideon’s Gaming for my site when I could have had something like that…so much regret…..

Parkitect Review: Top Tier Theme Park Simulation.

Parkitect puts you in the big comfy armchair of, well, a Parkitect. It’s up to you to design, run and manage a theme park of your own creation. You can do this via a campaign mode, or just by building your own park from scratch. Campaign mode has you creating a park in a variety of goal-oriented levels. You can also build one in a free play mode with a set of stock maps or ones you have unlocked from the campaign. If you are feeling particularly creative you can even make your own map and scenario.

Uagi-Saba Artistic But Shallow Sim

Uagi-Saba is a strange combination of genres that is both charming and aesthetically pleasing, but somewhat shallow from end to end. In it, you are building a sanctuary to hold and care for ancient creatures known as Mystics. In practice, you are building a labyrinth of rooms from a 2D perspective, producing and spending resources and keeping inhabitants happy.